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Winter/Spring 1997

[Volume XXII, Number 1]


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The Spoon River Poetry Review Illinois Poet: Connie Deanovich    Leonardo Da Vinci Ocean

Diane Williams

    My Body In The Light Of Her Love

M.S. Montgomery

    Contingent Identities



Romayne Rubinas, Indiana

    The Boundaries of What May Be Carried By The Heart

Christy J. Zink, Washington, D.C.


    Inkblot Bingo

klipschutz, California

    Funicello At 50

Thomas David Lisk, North Carolina

    Analogous To Thinking

    The Hangman's Beautiful Stepdaughter

Damon Dorsey, Indiana

    When I Come Back As a Ghost

    No One Goes To The Soda Shop These Days

Nancy Schoenberger, Virginia

    The Grimpen Mire

    Evangeline Hall: Living On The River

Susan Swartwout, Missouri

    Rear Window

    The Expanse Between Porch and Sky

    Tom Thumb Dreams

Margaret C. Szumowski, Massachusetts

    Gloria Looks Out The Window At The Magnolia, Flowering Again

    Harry Loves Big Bad Beer And Big Bad Women

    Gloria Jiggles Her Hips At Brooksie's

The Spoon River Poetry Review Illinois Poet: Connie Deanovich

Not "A Rock-And-Roll Queen":

A Discussion With Connie Deanovich

    Saturday Night Fever

    Leonardo Da Vinci Ocean

    Grandiose Flu

    Little Lake Egypt

    Cyclops Has One Gesture

    Requirements For Circus Moribund

    Satan from The Spotted Moon: #24

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"A Long Way Into This Light":

Poems by Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Gays

Diane Williams

    My Body In The Light Of Her Love

    QUEEN: Discovery In Progress

Larry Bradley, Pennsylvania


    The Waiter

    Man In Bed

    The Human Seasons

Brook Wiese, New York

    School Subjects

Michael Hathaway, Kansas

    judgement day

Maureen Seaton, Illinois


Lott Hill, Illinois

    The Music Of My Life

    It's Not What I Thought

Maureen Seaton and Denise Duhamel, Illinois and New York

    The Drag Queen's Wife

    The Femme Diaries

    from A Crown Of Spells To Ward Off Suzannes

Kurt Leland, Massachusetts

    Three Crows

    Sun Dance

Aleida Rodriguez, California


    What The Water Gave Me

    Dark Drum

    Things We Know


Rondo Mieczkowski, California

    Sacred Datura

    A Vision Unheeded

Kristy Nielsen, California


    Self-Portrait, Defensive

    Logical Self-Portrait

M.S. Montgomery

    Contingent Identities

Kay Murphy, Louisiana

    "On The Road to Hallucination"

    At All Costs

Daniel S. Mosher, Illinois

    I Like Ike

Jennifer Martenson, Illinois


    In The Doorframe, Waving

Kenneth Pobo, Pennsylvania

    Suspension Bridge

    Steve Looks At Clouds

Kathleen Large, New York

    Letters To--

William Reichard, Minnesota

    A Measure

    To Be Quietly Spoken

    Troy Painting A Portrait On Sunday Afternoon

Eloise Klein Healy, California

    "Pitiless Editing Took Place Then"

Darrell g.h. Schramm, California



Denise Duhamel, New York

    Blow Job

Gregg Shapiro, Illinois

    Half-Moon Behind Clouds

Jeanette Coon, New York

    Neurotic Celibate Closet Case

    The Way Home

    Watching The Exorsist In A Red Camaro

    Surprised By Deer

David Trinidad, New York

    Essay With Movable Parts