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Summer/Fall 1998

[Volume XXIII, Number 2]



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Bill Morgan

    Among Goldfinches

The Spoon River Poetry Review Illinois Poet: Allison Joseph

    Poeticizing the (Popular) Culture:

    A Discussion with Allison Joseph

    and Searching For Melinda's Magic Moment

The 1998 Editors' Prize Contest Winners

First Place: Mary Makofske

    An Inward Bruise

Runner Up: Jeff Halbert

    The Silver Surfer



Paul Keller, California

    Blind Man's House

    Let Me Tell You

Michelle Byrne, Michigan

    Blood Relatives

    Questions for Einstein

Todd Fuller, Oklahoma

    The Sweathogs Meet Charlie's Angels Behind TheShed

Carol Dine, Massachusetts


Manju Kanchuli, Nepal

  trans. Wayne Amtzis, Nepal

    Days In The Life

Brook Holmes, Washington

    The Death Mask Of Egon Schiele

    The Line

Sheryl St. Germain, Illinois


    Love Poem

Ruba Nadda, Canada

    My Daddy's Shakin Something Awful

Dinu Adam, Romania

  trans. Adam J. Sorkin, Pennsylvania

    Photograph at Nightfall

    Interior With Forest, Autumn

Donna Turner, North Dakota


Glen Mazis, Pennsylvania

    On This Path Of Transubstantiation

    Restored Silk Mill Apartment

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Amy Scattergood, California


    Brodsky In Exile

Martin Walls, Indiana

    Dusk, Scircleville

    Tippecanoe River

Ted Lord, Washington


Edward Bartók-Baratta, Massachusetts

    In Laura's Studio

Amir Or, Israel

  trans. Tsipi Keller, New York

    From The White Dictionary

Bill Morgan, Illinois

    Among Goldfinches

The Spoon River Poetry Review Illinois Poet: Allison Joseph


Poeticizing the (Popular) Culture:

  A Discussion With Allison Joseph

Searching For Melinda's Magic Moment


Reading Room

Birth Of A Nation

Role Models

Given Names


Accidents Will Happen: My Date With Elvis, 1977

On Viewing Two Different Date Rape Movies

What Women Want

Richard Fammerée, Indiana

    The Smell Of French Books

Jeanne Wagner, California


Karen Themstrup, Pennsylvania


    What I Left Out

Henry Michaux

  trans. Stuart J. Silverman, Illinois

    The Young Girl From Budapest

Stuart J. Silverman, Illinois

    Two Epigrams, adapted from Voznesensky

Frederico Garcia Lorca, Spain

  trans. Stuart J. Silverman, Illinois

    Preciosa And The Wind

Mark Mitchell, Illinois

    The Rest Of The Way

    Night Blooming Cactus

Terry Hauptman, Minnesota

    Exquisite Corps

The 1998 Editors' Prize Contest Winners

First Place: Mary Makofske, New York

     An Inward Bruise

Runner Up: Ann Beckerman, New York

     The Woman Who Flew

Runner Up: Jeff Halbert, Maryland

     The Silver Surfer

Honorable Mention: Susanna Lang, Illinois

      Gould's Art Of The Fugue

Jeff Gundy, Ohio

    Laurel River

John Thelin, Colorado

    Tam Lin In Reverse

Kay Murphy, Louisiana


    I Have Lived On Until Now As If

    A Natural History Of Tears

Martha Modena Vertreace, Illinois


    Mother-In-Law's Tongue

Polly Brody, Connecticut

    Nurse Logs

    Four Seasons

Joseph Chaney, Indiana

    The Archives Of My Childhood

Glenna Holloway, Illinois

    Balladeers By Night

Robert Funge, California

    Stafford's Way

    Poem For Ignatow

Bill Rector, Colorado

    The Patient Is Near


Barbara Lau, Iowa

    Body Of Dark Sparks

Michael O'Siadhail, Ireland


Ann Keniston, Massachusetts

    In My First Memory


Jane Blue, California

    Traveling Exhibition

April Ossmann, Vermont

    Forms Of Fire

Richard Newman, Missouri

    Highway Sounds


Susan Landgraf, Washington


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Nin Andrews, Ohio

    About Childhood

    Making Love To Houdini

    The Hair Cut

Julianna Baggott, Delaware


Rita Kiefer, Colorado


Review Essay

B.J. McGrath, Illinois

    Tracking Nature