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Winter/Spring 1999

[Volume XXIV, Number 1]



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Susen James


Holly Iglesias

    Viscid Poetics: The Prose Poem Engendered

The Spoon River Poetry Review Illinois Poet: Victoria Anderson

    A Discussion With Victoria Anderson

The Loft's National Prize In Poetry

Winner: Sue Ellen Thompson

    The Naming



John Knoepfle, Illinois

    When Dawn Comes Down Let It Come Singing

Susen James, Illinois



Kert Leland, Massachusetts


Jennifer Hancock, Oklahoma

    Wintering At Mooltunya

James McGowen, Illinois

    Baudelaire's Cats

Nikki Moustaki, Indiana

    Pita Bread

    November, Atlantic City

Leslie Adrienne Miller, Minnesota

    Three Begonias

    Imagining Myself With Child At Forty

Alice George, Illinois

    Letter To Her Lump

    Lightening Rod

Larry Janowski, Illinois

    Celibate-Three Times Dazzled

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Ann Silsbee, New York

    Listening For River In Urbana


Dianna Henning, California

    Blood Berries & Cream

Stephen Frech, Ohio

    The Adoration Of The Shepherds, Rembrandt

    Woman Bathing, Rembrandt

Netta Gillespie, Illinois

    Cardiac Intensive Care

    Going Back To Him

Holly Iglesias, Massachusetts

    Viscid Poetics: The Prose Poem Engendered

The Spoon River Poetry Review

Illinois Poet: Victoria Anderson

A Discussion With Victoria Anderson



Subdural Hematoma



My Dream Mexico


The Black Snake Dines


Rabies: Cutting Head Of The Deer

Flower Picking On Old Stage Road

Nancy Kassel, Massachusetts

    Thinking Of Louise Bogan

Marjorie Stelmach, Missouri

    Two From Gertrude Stein

Linda K. Sienkiewicz, Michigan

    Almost Near, Much Less Perfect

    Picking Up Speed

Jeff Worley, Kentucky

    Previous Trip Notes For Horse In Race 3, Eureka Downs

    Burning Old Love Letters

J.S. Hall, Florida

    After Hearing Jean Sibelius' Sean of Tuonela

    Claire de Lune

Sam Taylor, California


Roger Sheffer, Minnesota

    Annie Mary's Grave

William Jolliff, Oregon

    Thirty Days, Thirty Pounds, Guaranteed

Shameen Azad, East Pakistan

  trans. Carolyn Wright and Syed Manzoorul Islam

    First Love

Nasima Sultana, Bangladesh

  trans. Carolyn and Mohammad Nurul Huda

    All That You Couldn't

Libby Scheier, Canada

    My Father's Nose

    Ghost Outside My Window

Mary K. Hawley, Illinois

    Growing Season

Michael Graber, Tennessee

    A Fantasia For My Four Year Old Daughter,

    Mistakenly Given An Overdose Of Demerol

Antonio Jocson, Texas


    Ocean And Dragon Dim Sum Girl

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The Loft's National Prize In Poetry

Winner: Sue Ellen Thompson, Conneticut

    The Naming

    At Sixteen

    The Visit

Susanne Kort, Venezuela

    Primal Scene

Linnea Johnson, Pennsylvania


    Tame Wild Birds

    Unpacking The Body

Margaret Benbow, Wisconsin

    Eating The Black Radish

Rennie McQuilkin, Connecticut

    Sylvia At 96

    First Day

Christopher Davis, North Carolina

    The Villiage Idiot Trusts Passive Will Power

    Wild Things Fall Apart

Mark DeFoe, West Virginia

    November: Strolling The Beach At Hilton Head

Michael Magee, Pennsylvania

    Speech Waves

    The Short Story Of Her Life

Deborah Landau, California

    Diving Lessons

Ann Keniston, Massachusetts

    The Fat Boy

Joanna C. Scott, Maryland

    The Mutability of Sorrow

    Forbidden Fruit

Loretta Watts, Connecticut

    Looking For Betty Crocker

Ruy Cinatti

Trans. Alexis Levitin

    Pax Lusitanica

Pamela Gemin, Wisconsin

    Down To God's

Sarah W. Bliumis, New York

    Wedding Rings

Review Essay

Kristi McKim with Diana Hume George

    This House Of My Own Language:

    Susan Griffin's Bending Home: Selected & New Poetry, 1966-1998