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Winter/Spring 2000
[Volume XXV, Number 1]

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William Woolfitt
    The Music Maker

The Spoon River Poetry Review Illinois Poet: Yvonne Zipter
    The Structuring Eye/I of Deflection
    A Discussion with Yvonne Zipter

C. Matthew Tusa
    Marie Laveau Talks About Magic
    From A Confessional In St. Louis Cathedral


Melanie Carter, Japan

William Woolfitt, West Virginia
    The Music Maker

Sandra Yannone, Nebraska
    Sonnet Before And After Everything Collides

Nikki Moustaki, New York
    Discovering Other Americans On A Trip Along The Seine

Gale Renee Walden, Illinois
    Buddy Holly's Dead

Jeff Gundy, Ohio
    Ancient Themes #7: Interiors

Edward Bartók-Baratta, Massachusetts
    Out For Blood
    Why Don't The Children Call Anymore

Cynthia Warryn Leffner, Illinois
    The Music Of Bones
    Junkyard In Mulberry Woods
    The Poplar Tree

Kathleen Lynch, California
    Alterations Of Rising

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William Trowbridge, Missouri
    June Bugs
    Eating The Menu

Kirk Nesset, Pennsylvania
    Oh, Strikemaster!

Kirsten Ratza, Alabama
    Elfonzo Ratza: Tractor Mechanic And Father Of Three,
    Of Prussian Descent

William Kenyon, Georgia
    To Jimmy

Bill Tremblay, Colorado
    Dream Of An Afternoon
    Pyramid Of The Sun
    Frida's Cremation

Susanna Lang, Illinois
    She Lives Here, Too
    The Great Fire
    She Sings In The Maple

Robert Wexelblatt, Massachusetts
    Cruel Month

Catherine Staples, Pennsylvania
    In The Pine Woods

George Kalamaras, Indiana
    Rosario Castellanos And The Empty Hand
    Juan Ramon Jimenez And A Theory Of Where Life Takes Place
    Takis Sinopoulos And The Sound That Is Heard

Joan Houlihan, Massachusetts
    Why Masks Are Worn

Virgil Suarez, Florida
    Testimonial del Agua

Alexis Lathem, Vermont
    The River
    Only On The Glass

Robert King, Nebraska
    Woman At Cripple Creek

Jennifer Phillips, Missouri
    Can Vegetarians Lose Their Appetite For Love?

L. Bower Smith, Illinois

Diane Lockward, New Jersey
    Eve’s Red Dress
    Without Words For It

The Spoon River Poetry Review Illinois Poet: Yvonne Zipter
The Structuring Eye/I of Deflection—
  A Discussion with Yvonne Zipter
Grace Lesson
She Never Looked So Beautiful
Into The Blue
Running Before Dawn With The Dog
The Death I Dream Of
Bad Grammar
Uncommon Fruit
Rosy Maple Moth

C. Matthew Tusa, Florida
    Marie Laveau Talks About Magic From A Confessional In
    St. Louis Cathedral

Elaine Fowler Palencia, Illinois
    Beginning Poetry Workshop

Osip Mandelstam, Russia
  trans. by Seth Zimmerman, California
    Black Candle
    The Vision Of Wasps
    O, These Broad Plains

David Roderick, Massachusetts
    The Dream Of The Filthy River

Dianna Henning, California
    The Striven

Sandra Meek, Georgia
    The #12

Jon Marshall, Missouri
    Blue Willow
    Walking The Dog

Deborah Golden Meade, Pennsylvania
    In The Clyfford Still Room At The Met With Cordelia

April Ossmann, Vermont
    These Near-Sighted Eyes

Francine Tolf, Illinois
    Joliet: Eighteen
    Henri Matisse's Woman Before An Aquarium

  trans. by L.L. Lee, Washington

Vivé Griffith, Texas
    Weeks In This Country

Jack Martin, Colorado

Angella Sorokina, Illinois
    Marketing Strategies
    Life Is Even More Than A Dream

Nin Andrews, Ohio
    The Magic Pussy

Review Essay
Diana Hume George, Pennsylvania
    What Poetry Is All About— Greg Kuzma

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