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Summer/Fall 2000
[Volume XXV, Number 2]

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The Spoon River Poetry Review Illinois Poet: Zarina Mullan Plath
    Double Vision: The Stereoscopic Poet
    A Discussion with Zarina Mullan Plath

Virginia Chase Sutton
    This Summer's Peonies

The 2000 Editor's Prize Contest Winner
First Place: Kathleen Lynch
    Apricot Tree
    Human Terms



Jennifer Understahl, Arizona
    Nightmare Said:

Sam Taylor, Texas
    Waking with Chloe
    Florida Night

Laura Henrikson, Illinois
    Nervosa (after watching a girl in plaid die violently, among other things)
    Spittle Bug
    Death, Again
    If I Die Before I Wake

Kwame Dawes, South Carolina
    Ska Memory
    Memory: An Abstraction

Roger Mitchell, Indiana
    Now and a Pile of Sticks
    Fall Down Kissing

Joanne Lowery, Indiana
    Leave, 1942
    Nudity, 1942-52
    Today Is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life, 1942

Lisa Lewis, Oklahoma
    The Auction

Helen G. Reed, Illinois
    The Foretelling

Melanie Jordan Rack, Illinois
    The Matter of Dying Stars

Lynn Kuderko, Illinois
    Civil Wars

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Virginia Chase Sutton, Arizona
    This Summer's Peonies

Cynthia Hogue, Pennsylvania
    The Sibyl's Spring (1999)

Stephen C. Behrendt, Nebraska
    Night Watch

Nils Clausson, Saskatchewan
    Pleasures of the Text: A Language Teacher's Complaint
    La Vie Boheme

The 2000 Editor's Prize Contest Winners
First Place: Kathleen Lynch, California
    Apricot Tree
    Human Terms

Runner-up: Kathleen C. Arceneaux, Virginia
    Something Pulls the Sky Across

Runner-up: Charlotte Gould Warren, Washington
    There Were Deer Barking in the Hills

Honorable Mention: Ellen Bass, California
    Why We Make Love

Honorable Mention: Jennifer M. Pierson, Washington, D.C.

Honorable Mention:Debra Marquart, Iowa
    Dylan's Lost Years

Honorable Mention: Margaret Rabb, North Carolina
    Stone to Stone

The Spoon River Poetry Review Illinois Poet: Zarina Mullan Plath

Double Vision: The Stereoscopic Poet--
  A Discussion with Zarina Mullan Plath

I Was a Bombay Movie Queen
Washing (II)
Cooking Lesson
The Subtle Body
Belles Rives
from Unbraiding
Belly Dance

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Argie J. Manolis, Minnesota
    Fishing for Kalamari
    Luna Park
    Leaving Ikaria

Adam Schuitema, Michigan
    They Named McCormick Creek After a Man

Katherine Soniat, Virginia

Rachel Levine, Illinois
    Elegy for Roz

Sue Payne, Illinois

Carrie Frasier, Arkansas

Carl Adams Hick, Oregon
    Dinner Time

Katherine Sánchez, Florida
    After Abraham's Knife
    What We See
    Me and Spirit-me

Richard Lehnert, New Mexico
    Photograph: Death of a Confederate Sharpshooter,
    Devil's Den, Gettysburg

Catie Rosemurgy, Michigan
    The Office Party
    Fifteen Minutes After the Movie

Nina Nyhart, Massachusets

Review Essay
Diana Hume George, Pennsylvania
    Forcing an Entry Into Eternity: Alicia Ostriker's Poetry and Criticism

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