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Winter/Spring 2001
[Volume XXVI, Number 1]

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The Spoon River Poetry Review Illinois Poet: Beth Ann Fennelly
    Out of the Ordinary --
    A Discussion with Beth Ann Fennelly

Cesar Vallejo
    O Spain, Take This Cup From Me

Marcia L. Hurlow
    August Feeding



Steve Fay, Illinois
    The Childless Man Dreams of His Daughter: Katzenleben
    The Childless Man Dreams of His Daughter: Biology

David Alyn Mayer, Indiana

James Doyle, Colorado
    My Wife and I

Naton Leslie, New York
    Mandelbrot's Logic

Eleanor Berry, Oregon
    Laptop Computer
    Overflow and Interchange: A Letter

Pamela Gemin, Wisconsin
    Still Enough

Amy Bleser, Illinois
    The Gathering

Marzanna Bogumila Kielar
  trans. Elzbieta Wójcik-Leese, Poland
    Sacra Conversazione
    In the Garden, Barefoot

Artur Szlosarek
  trans. Elzbieta Wójcik-Leese, Poland

Erin Elkins, Indiana
    Everything I Know About Tamar

Orlando Ricardo Menes, Ohio
    Miami, South Kendall, 1969
    Palma y Jagüey

Paula Sergi, Wisconsin

Oliver Rice, Florida
    At Night from the Porch of a Cabin on Crystal Lake

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The Spoon River Poetry Review Illinois Poet: Beth Ann Fennelly

Out of the Ordinary --
  A Discussion with Beth Ann Fennelly
The Essential Loneliness of Art
The Ambitious Ones
Why I Can't Cook for Your Self-Centered Architect Cousin
Sweet Sixteen/Fashion Can Be Cruel
Poem with No Forwarding Address
Mother Uses Post-Its to Help Her Friends Understand My Poetry
Good Work if You Can Get It
Seeing You Again After All These Years

Elizabeth Harrington, New York
    If I Should Die

Katherine Solomon, New Hampshire
    At the Queen Street Luncheonette
    Getting Cozy with Oxygen

Saadi Youssef
  trans. Khaled Mattawa, Ohio
    The Kurdish Quarter
    Chemical Weapon

Cesar Vallejo
  trans. Carol Hamilton, Oklahoma
    O Spain, Take This Cup from Me

Pablo Neruda
  trans. Carol Hamilton, Oklahoma
    Some Beasts

Eileen Hennessy, New York
    Then the Worm Turns

Allen C. Fischer, New York
    The Divine Kiss

Carol E. Miller, California
    Crossing the Sea
    Woman Friday
    A Nun Displays the Virgin Birth Robe, Chartres

Simon Perchik, New York

Benjamin Scott Grossberg, Texas
    Renaissance Fair

Reg Saner, Colorado
    Y2K Problem

Martha Modena Vertreace, Illinois
    Woman in a Tree

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Jim Daniels, Pennsylvania
    Goodbyes, #2: Pulling Away

Maria Terrone, New York
    Loose Powder
    Motel Room

Rebecca Lu Kiernan, Kentucky
    Australian Gothica

Anne Silver, California
    The Source

Kent Maynard, Ohio
    Hearing Pain

Marcia L. Hurlow, Kentucky
    August Feeding
    The Saratoga Diners, 6:30 A.M.

Shannon Nelson-Deighan, Washington
    My Styx

Daniel Moore, Washington
    Waxing the Dents

Jeff Worley, Kentucky
    The Poet, at 72

Ronald Wallace, Wisconsin
    Happy Hour

Jeff Gundy, Ohio
    In the Plane Filled with Poets

Erik Gleibermann, California
    Sleeveless in the Subway
    After a Cape Hatteras Dusk

Kristina Martinez, Florida
    Centaur St.
    When She Finally Speaks

Elizabeth Rees, Maryland
    Family Ritual

Priscilla Frake, California
    At the Aquarium

Susanna Roxman, Sweden
    Seal Women

Jan Bailey, South Carolina
    Unmailed Letter I

Dede Wilson, North Carolina
    Retirement, or The Time of Your Dreams
    Beauty and the Beast

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