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Announcing SRPR’s 2012 Editors’ Prize Winners!


Final Judge: David Baker

First Place ($1,000): William Stobb,
“A Moment for Authentic Shine”

First Runner Up ($100): Rebecca Warren,
“All of us”

Second Runner Up ($100): Sarah Sousa,
“The way you don’t have to see”

Honorable Mention: Aviva Englander Cristy,
“The Accuracy of String and Measure”

Honorable Mention: Anna Marie Craighead-Kintis,

Honorable Mention: Veronica Patterson,
“The Etymology of Intersect”

All winning poems will be published in SRPR, 37.2, due out in December, 2012.

Entries to the 2013 contest will be accepted between 9/15/2011 and 4/15/2011.

See “Contest Guidelines” for more details.