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Fall 2004
[Volume XXIX, Number 2]

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The SRPR Illinois Poet: Haki R. Madhubuti

Alan Sondheim, New York

Kris Christensen, Washington

Ewa Chrusciel, Poland
My Father

Tim Hunt, Illinois
Too Few

Michael Magee, Rhode Island


Jonathan Mayhew, Kansas
Spoon River Anthology

Luis Miguel Aguilar, Mexico
Trans. Kathleen Snodgrass, New York
Grey Hairs

Joe Amato, Illinois
Epistemology redux

Anny Ballardini, Italy
new joy for toys
Gastón Baquero, Cuba

Trans. Mark Weiss, New York
Charada for Lydia Cabrera

Douglas Barbour, Canada
October 9 & 10 1974 (doubled)

Barbara Barg, New York
November 2001

James Bertolino, Washington
Lunchtime for Fishes

Daniel Borzutzky, Illinois
Richard Milhous Nixon’s First Inaugural Address
Ronald Reagan in Berlin

Anita Boyle, Washington
Just a Moment

Brigitte Byrd, Florida
Overlooking the River

James Cervantes, Arizona
Seven Incarnations

Jennifer Chapis, New York
A Bit of Sunday Afternoon

Kris Christensen, Washington

Ewa Chrusciel, Poland
My Father
The Archangel Gabriel
It’s been a while since

Brian Clements, Connecticut
The Tale of the Pole

Brenda Coultas, New York
Baiting the Monster

Joel Craig, Illinois
National Account
Delirium Is Working

Catherine Daly, California

Alan DeNiro, Minnesota
Moby Dick II

Gerald England, England
To Joan
What Father Did

Juan Carlos Flores, Cuba
Trans. Kristin Dykstra, Illinois
the Indian pipe
K the Cyclist

Georges Godeau, France
Trans. Kathleen McGookey, Michigan
A Good Citizen

Janet Goldberg, California

Arielle Greenberg, Illinois

Matthew Guenette, Illinois
Anxiety of the First Time Home Buyer

Tim Hunt, Illinois
Two Few

Max Jacob, France
Trans. Mark Weiss, New York
Prophetic Dreams

Kent Johnson, Illinois
Sentimental Piscatorial

Doug Jones, England
Travel the World

Pierre Joris, New York
Early A.M. Lament
Upon Returning to These States after a Long Absence

Introït to me Purgatory

Jeffrey Jullich, New York

Jennifer L. Knox, New York
Douglas Sirk Dictates Opening Scene for Potential Picture:
The Color of Memory
Fiancée: Hot, and A la Mode

John Latta, Michigan
A Letter Beginning with Oh Ponce de Leon!

Rachel Loden, California
Milhous As King of the Ghosts

The SRPR Illinois Poet: Haki R. Madhubuti

A Discussion with Haki R. Madhubuti

For the Consideration of Poets

Our Daughter on Loan

Eighty-three Is a Wise Number

The Journey

Why Shani?


Tee One in a Complex World

Michael Magee, Rhode Island
Land (1)

Joyelle McSweeney, Alabama
What She Said in Her Sleep

K. Silem Mohammad, Oregon
Is There a Bolshevik in Your Opera?

Bill Morgan, Illinois
My Father’s Cigarettes

Sheila E. Murphy, Arizona
Should Amplitude Return

Brooke Nelson, Illinois

Daniel Nester, New York
One Vision

Trans. John O’Leary, Ireland
An Immortality Ode, being the Lament of the Hag

Karl Parker, New York
A Monody
The Story of My Life

Jack Pendarvis, Georgia
The First Five Words on Page 55 of Every Book in Our House

Jennifer M. Pierson, Washington, D.C.
Beyond Nature

Anthony Robinson, Oregon
Newer American Poets
Not-Sonnet on the Erotics of Artifice
Four Speeches

Mary Ruefle, Vermont
The Taking of Moundville by Zoom
The First Three Minutes

Helen Ruggieri, New York
Misery Bay
Fear of Phobias: A Found Poem

Standard Schaefer, California
Laurel Canyon Freaks Out

Alan Sondheim, New York

Chuck Stebelton, Illinois
Five Songs in Five Minutes ..
The birds begin as an isolated shower
Chris Stroffolino, California
Car’s Last Leg

Notes towards a Proposal for an MFA in Non-Poetry

Tony Tost, North Carolina
Geronimo’s Father

David Trinidad, Illinois
A Regret

Julia Tsuchiya-Mayhew, Missouri
I Never Told Anybody

Mark Weiss, New York
Panic Among the Window-Makers

W. Aaron Wilson, Illinois
Clear Skies and Low of 22

The 2004 Editors’ Prize Contest Winners
First Place: Joel Barraquiel Tan, California
manila zoo

Runner-up: Julie Cipolla, Rhode Island
The adopted child

Runner-up: Judith E. Johnson, New York
Everything in the Dream Speaks the Dreamer