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Summer/Fall 2005

[Volume XXX, Number 2]



Sara Michas Martin, California


Bangkok November

Any Fresh Water Beach

René Guy Cadou, France

Trans. Marie C. Jones and Todd R. Hall, Texas

The Toll Gate

Those Dogs That Dream

I Have Always Lived

Mary Biddinger, Illinois

Lunar Eclipse

Daneen Wardrop, Michigan

Peter Tchaikovsky to Pythagoras

Belle Starr to Paracelsus

Mileva Maric Einstein to Hannibal

Kristy Bowen, Illinois

How to Tell a Story in a Dead Language

The Fires (1988)

Scarlet Fever

Jeannette Allée, Washington

Mister J. Appleseed c/o General Delivery

Álvaro García, Spain

Trans. Chris Michalski, Germany

the sea


the masters

Marcia L. Hurlow, Kentucky

To All Appearances

Postcards from the Alien

Marc J. Frazier, Illinois

Going Back

Paul Hostovsky, Massachusetts



The SRPR Illinois Poet: Gale Renee Walden

Mixing Things Up— A Discussion with Gale Renee Walden

The Child’s Story

Aging in America

Philosophy 101

My Elegant Universe


Andrey Gritsman, New Jersey



Gabriel Welsch, Pennsylvania

The Men’s Room at the Holocaust Museum, Washington, D.C.

Erin Keane, Kentucky

The Secret Garden

Little Women

Curious George

William Jolliff, Oregon

Rainy Spring

Sally Rosen Kindred, Maryland

Animal Dark

To Noah

Kimberly Meyer, Texas

In Chaco Canyon

Live Oak Stand, Segovia, Texas

Sreejata Chakraborty Snyder, England

When Mother Returns to India

Annie Boutelle, Massachusetts


Virgil Renfroe, North Carolina

Four Children

Visiting the Stone House of the Philosopher

Elizabeth Tibbetts, Maine

In the Event

Deborah Cummins, Illinois

In the Neighborhood

Peter O’Leary, Illinois

To Suffer To Pass Through

Karen Braucher, Oregon

Fable of the Mermaid and the Robots

Iphigenia, Coming on Fast

Do Gentry, California

The Key

Colette Inez, New York

The Greek Hair Cutter

Near the Pyrenees

Frannie Lindsay, Massachusetts

Father in Darkness


My Duck

Crippled dog

The 2005 Editors’ Prize Contest Winners

First Place: Salita S. Bryant, New York

First Spring in New York

Runner-up: Susan Terris, California

Sonya, The Doll-Wife

Runner-up: Thom Murtagh, Illinois

raining waste

Honorable Mention: Salita S. Bryant, New York

Lepisma saccharina

Honorable Mention: Mia Anderson, New York

Through the Mind

Honorable Mention: William Kumbier, Missouri


Julie Danho, Rhode Island

O Country

Barbara Siegel Carlson, Massachusetts

The Eternal Playmate

Holly Welker, Pennsylvania

Self-Portrait as Someone Who Looks Exactly Like Me

Muriel Nelson, Washington


Andrew Miller, Denmark

My Mother Reads from Jeremiah

Kelli Kaufmann, Illinois

The Convent with Tourist

Bertolt Brecht, Germany

Trans. David Leightty, Kentucky

Swimming in Ponds and Streams

Melody S. Gee, New Mexico

In Translation

Internment Farm

Paper Son

Jessi Lee, Illinois

East Ukrainian Village “Improves”

Jeff Gundy, Ohio

The Vice President for Obscure Relations

Rises to Offer Something Resembling an Explanation

Kim Bridgford, Connecticut

At Dusk

Bradford Tice, Tennessee


Daniel Johnson, Illinois

I Brought Back from Despair So Small a Basket

Her Body Is a White Thing in the Sun Now

Susan Kelly-DeWitt, California



Review Essay

Susanna Roxman, Sweden

Six Volumes of Contemporary Greek Poetry