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Winter/Spring 2006

[Volume XXXI, Number 1]



Elena Lelia Radulescu, New Jersey

Dialogues at the Break of Winter

Diane Lockward, New Jersey

The Best Words

Stephanie Michelle Rogers, North Carolina

Symphony for Red

James Gurley, Washington


47” 31’ 47” MINUS 122” 18’ 00”

Joanna Catherine Scott, North Carolina

The Brain

Fallen Tree

Geoffrey Heeren, Illinois


Fourteen Interrogatories for Flibbertigibbets

Tom Chandler, Rhode Island

The Luthier

Deborah Slicer, Montana


Kirsten Painter, New York

Broadway Stroll

Therese L. Broderick, New York

Death in Yellowstone

Robert Parham, Georgia

You, Nest

Bradford Gray Telford, Texas

Some Useful Formulas

Priscilla Atkins, Michigan

Lost Language

Herberto Helder, Portugal

Trans. Alexis Levitin, New York


Judy Kronenfeld, California

Voiced and Unvoiced: Resumed Litany for All Language

Paula Bohince, New York


Joelle Biele, Maryland

To Katharine: At Four Months

To Katharine: At Twenty Months

Susanne Kort, Mexico

Alice James Strikes Back

Suzette Marie Bishop, Texas

Smoldering Mode

Hannah Craig, Pennsylvania

They Then Ate the Sailors

James Mackie, Virginia

Fields of Corn: A Letter to My Imaginary Wife

A Letter to My Imaginary Wife from the Amusement Park

Kay Murphy, Louisiana

Walt Whitman in Charity Hospital


The SRPR Illinois Poet: Sreejata (Tupa) Chakraborty Snyder

Building  Dwelling  Writing—a Palimpsest of Cultures

A Discussion with Sreejata (Tupa) Chakraborty Snyder

My Father’s Crown

Little Death

The Kingfisher


When Mother Returns to India

Elaine Fowler Palencia, Illinois

Second Opinion

Tribal God

In the Parking Lot of the Day Program for the Disabled

Linnea Johnson, Kansas

Forty Hours’ Devotion

Nancy Takacs, Utah

Your Heart

Meredith Hall, Maine


Christine Korfhage, New Hampshire

First Death

Jody A. Zorgdrager, Washington

Lines from the Tunnel


William Jolliff, Oregon

Claiming the Body

Eric Paul Shaffer, Hawaii

Blood Drive

D. James Smith, California

The Reconciliation


Grey Held, Massachusetts

Tossing the Baby into the Air


Melody Lacina, California


October 1

Christina Olson, Minnesota

I Sometimes Envy the Japanese

Scientist Who Has Dedicated His Life

to the Study of Giant Hornets

Andrea Defoe, Wisconsin

Some Notes for These Times of Disaster


Joseph Stanton, Hawaii



Barbara Van Noord, Massachusetts

An Invitation

Train from New York City

Nolan Chessman, Illinois

Wind Farm

Steven Winn, California

The Pillows

Joshua Auerbach, Canada

Love in the Time of Dioxin

Frank Matagrano, Illinois

Making Yeast Rise

Peeling Potatoes


Review Essay

Kay Murphy, Louisiana

Back to the Garden: Camille Paglia’s Break, Blow, Burn