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January/February 1989

[Vol. 10, No. 6]





Richard Kostelanetz reviews Music by Philip Glass by Philip Glass



Corinne Robins reviews Crossing Over: Feminism and Art of Social Concern by Arlene Raven and Feminist Art Criticism: An Anthology, edited by Arlene Raven, Cassandra L. Langer, and Joanna Freuh



Harold Cantor reviews The Time Is Ripe: The 1940 Journal of Clifford Odets, with an introduction by William Gibson


Focus: Science Fiction

Thomas M. Disch reviews The Motion of Light in Water: Sex and Science Fiction Writing in the East Village 1957‑1965 by Samuel R. Delany


Kathleen L. Spencer reviews Extra (Ordinary) People and The Hidden Side of the Moon by Joanna Russ


Brian McHale reviews A Splendid Chaos. An Inter‑planetary Fantasy by John Shirley, Islands in the Net by Bruce SterIing, and Wetware by Rudy Rucker


Carol D. Stevens reviews Always Coming Home and Buffalo Gals and Other Animal Presences by Ursula K. Le Guin


Sandra Miesel reviews The Urth of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe


Istvan Csicery‑Ronay reviews Mona Lisa Overdrive by William Gibson


French Science Fiction: Litterateurs and Storytellers by Pascal J. Thomas




The People

Cornelius Lehane reviews Big Ben Hood by Emanuel Fried


Paul Metcalf reviews Hermit of the Cloud: The Autobiography of Vincent Ferrini and War in Heaven by Vincent Ferrini


Profoundly Popular

Herbert Huncke reviews Boxcar Bertha: An Autobiography as told to Ben L. Reitman


Leon Lewis reviews Beneath the American Renaissance by David S. Reynolds



Charlotte M. Meyer reviews Bearded Ladies, Lilianÿs Story, and Dreamhouse by Kate Grenville


Book Reviews

Black Literature

Peter Bates reviews Goodbye Sweetwater by Henry Dumas


Alvin Aubert reviews The Collected Poems of Jean Toomer, edited by Robert B. Jones and Margery Toomer Latimer


George Myers, Jr. reviews Being and Race: Black Writing Since 1970 by Charles Johnson and Writin' Is Fightin': 37 Years of Boxing on Paper by Ishmael Reed


Rochelle Ratner reviews Sutured Words: Contemporary Poetry about Medicine, edited by Jon Mukand


Richard Moore reviews The Savantasse of Montparnesse by Allen Mandelbaum


Arlene Stone reviews HOOPLAS: Odes for Odd Occasions 1956-1996 by James Broughton


Lance Olsen reviews ?Short Season" and Other Stories by Jerome Klinkowitz, Common Body, Royal Bones by Evelyn Shefner, and ?The Heat Death of the Universe" and Other Stories by Pamela Zoline


Frederick Smock reviews Palm of the Hand Stories by Yasunari Kawabata


Don Skiles reviews North of Yesterday by Thomas McEvilley


Jack Barschi reviews Come Sunday by Bradford Morrow


David Mura reviews The Calling by Tom Absher and Dangerous Amusements by Jon Davis


John Jacob reviews Madonna and Other Spectacles by Harold Jaffe and The Last American Revolution and Confessions of a Dead Politician by Robert Fox


Peter Kelegian reviews The Wilderness Coast by Jack Rudloe


Linda Wagner-Martin reviews Charlotte Mew and Her Friends, with a Selection of Her Poems by Penelope Fitzgerald


M.D. Elevitch reviews Adamÿs Diary by Knut Faldbakken

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