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November/December 1989

[Vol. 11, No. 5]


Picketing The Zeitgeist

Thomas E. Kennedy on the Late Donald Barthelme



Betrayals: Corrine Robins on The Heidi Chronicles



Personal Testimonies: Erlinda Gonzales-Berry reviews Ritchie Valens by Beverly A. Mendheim



Warhol's Unquestionable Talent by Martin Washburn


Focus: High Latitudes: Mapping the Drug Maze


Gravy Train:  Robert Hambrecht reviews The Cocaine Wars by Paul Eddy with Hugo Sabogal and Sara Walden


Deep Confusion: Deborah Harlow reviews The Controlled Substances Act by Dr. Alexander Shulgin, Designer Drugs by M.M. Kirsch, and Ecstasy: The MDMA Story by Bruce Eisner


Heavenly Dreams and Acid Storms: Jerome Beck reviews Storming Heaven: LSD and the American Dream by Jay Stevens and Acid Dreams: The CIA, LSD, and the Sixties Rebellion by Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain


Just Say "Know": Timothy Leary reviews Why We Are Losing the Great Drug War and Radical Proposals That Could Make America Safe Again by Arnold S. Trebach, Breaking the Impasse in the War on Drugs by Steven Wisotsky, and Dealing with Drugs: Consequences of Government Control, edited by Roland Hamowy


Cyberpunks on Dope: Richard Shannon and Susan Sneller review When Gravity Fails by George Alec Effinger, Eclipse Penumbra by John Shirley and Deserted Cities of the Heart by Lewis Shiner


Herself at Bay: Rochelle Ratner reviews Waverly Place by Susan Brownmiller


Feature: Media and Mass Culture

The New Dark Ages: Veronica Hollinger reviews Taken In: American Gullibility and the Reagan Mythos by Stephen Ducat, Boxed In: The Culture of TV by Mark Crispin Miller and Looka Yonder! The Imaginary America of Populist Culture by Duncan Webster

Luster and Lucre: Harold Cantor reviews Heavy Traffic and High Culture: New American Library as Literary Gatekeeper in the Paperback Revolution by Thomas L. Bonn


Fatal Attraction: Jack Barschi reviews Straight through the Night by Edward Allen


Feature: Political Poetry

Formula for Socialist Realism: Roger Mitchell reviews Line Break: Poetry as Social Practice by James Scully


Obvious Wrongs: Gary Lenhart reviews The Bottom Line by Jack Hirschman


Book Reviews

Gatsby Revisited: Richard Holinger reviews Second Chances by Alice Adams and From a Distant Place by Don Carpenter


Memorable Public Poetry: Peter Balakian reviews War Stories by Howard Nemerov


Middle Place:  Miriam Levine reviews Pages from a Scrapbook of Immigrants by Morton Marcus


Fictional Thicket: David Cohen reviews Sweet Diamond Dust by Rosario Ferré


Literary Assembly Line:  Joseph Tabbi reviews The Other Planet and Red Moon Red Lake by Ascher/Straus


Uncommon Distribution: William Harmon reviews Armenian Papers: Poems 1954-1984 by Harry Mathews and The Kansas Poems by Dallas Weibe


Beauty in the Bestiary: Peter Bricklebank reviews The Hungry Girls and Other Stories by Patricia Eakins


Three of a Kind: Joseph Conte reviews Metaphysics in the Midwest by Curtis White, The Faces Reappear by Sherril Jaffe, and Troubled by His Complexion by Lissa McLaughlin


Small Touching Skill:  Paul Oppenheimer reviews The Green Dark by Marie Ponsot


Memory is Revision:  Richard Elman reviews Leaving Brooklyn by Lynne Sharon Schwartz


Progress Toward Loss:  Robert Buttel reviews Love Alone: Eighteen Elegies for Rog by Paul Monette and Earthshine by David Young


Antifeminine Bias? Gordon W. Hewes reviews Feminism and Anthropology by Henrietta Moore


Skill and Authority:  Bill Christophersen reviews Sex and Subterfuge: Women Writers to 1850 by Eva figes


Such Prizes: Vicki Weissman reviews Dislocations by Janette Turner Hospital and The Long White by Sharon Dilworth


News from Abroad: Siegfried Mandel reviews The Piano Teacher by Elfriede Jelinek, The Dream of Heroes by Adolfo Bioy Casares, Wittgenstein's Nephew by Thomas Bernhard, Summer in the Street of the Prophet and A voyage to Ur of the Chaldees by David Shahar, and Women in a River Landscape by Heinrich Böll


His Own Niche: Dawn Kolokithas reviews Sun by Michael Palmer


Kick in the Groin:  David William Foster reviews Cold Tales by Virgilio Piñera


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