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[Vol. 12, No. 2]



ARTIE PLAYS HIMSELF: Paul Pines reviews The Best of Intentions by Artie Shaw



MAKING OUR MARK by Corinne Robins




MAKE THE AIDS EPIDEMIC MANAGEABLE: Michael Bronski reviews Genocide by Tim Barrus, Gentle Warriors by Geoff Mains, The Wrong Apple by David Rees, Billy's Brother by Kenneth Martin, and Bloodstreams by Joel Redon


PROFILE OF THE SURVIVOR: David Eberly reviews They Conquered AIDS! by Scott J. Gregory and Bianca Leonardo, Beyond AIDS by George R. Melton in collaboration with Wil Garcia, The Way of Hope by Tom Monte, and The AIDS Book by Louise L. Hay


"NO LYRICS IN THIS": Jeffrey Lee reviews Poets for Life: Seventy-Six Poets Respond to AIDS, edited by Michael Klein, Epitaphs for the Plague Dead by Robert Boucheron, These Waves of Dying Friends by Michael Lynch, and John by Ron Schreiber


MORE WOMEN ARE AT RISK: Marea Murray reviews Women and the AIDS Crisis by Diane Richardson, A Shallow Pool of Time: An HIV+ Woman Grapples with the AIDS Epidemic by Fran Peavey, People in Trouble by Sarah Schulman, Women and AIDS: A Practical Guide for Those Who Help Others by Bonnie Lester, and Making It: A Woman's Guide to Sex in the Age of AIDS by Cindy Patton and Janis Kelly


TOO BIG TO TREAT FULLY: Penelope Scambly Schott reviews AIDS: The Women, edited by Ines Rieder and Patricia Ruppelt


THE CULTURE OF AIDS-REFLECTION AND ANALYSIS: Phillip  Brian Harper reviews City Lights Review 2 forum on "AIDS, Cultural Life, and the Arts,"Policing Desire: Pornography, AIDS, and the Media by Simon Watney, October 43: AIDS: Cultural Analysis/Cultural Activism, edited by Douglas Crimp, and Taking Liberties: AIDS and Cultural Politics, edited by Erica Carter and Simon Watney




SOMEONE WITH IMPLACABLE SELF-RESPECT: Sallie Bingham reviews The Temple of My Familiar by Alice Walker


TERRORIST AS SEX SYMBOL: Deborah Davis reviews The Demon Lover: On the Sexuality of Terrorism by Robin Morgan


INTERPRETERS FOR BOTH RACES: Virginia Scott reviews Telling Memories among Southern Women: Domestic Workers and Their Employers in the Segregated South, edited by Susan Tucker


THE ONE IS ME: Jean F. O'Barr reviews Inessential Woman: Problems of Exclusion in Feminist Thought by Elizabeth Spelman


DOING THE RIGHT THING: Ann Stewart Anderson reviews Carrington: A Life of Dora Carrington 1893-1932 by Gretchen Gerzina




WHITE FOG: Craig Bartholomaus reviews Black Lives, White Lives: Three Decades of Race Relations in America by Bob Blauner and 12 Million Black Voices by Richard Wright


AGAIN COMES THE RISING OF THE SUN: Norman Spencer reviews Paul Robeson by Martin Bauml Duberman


IRONY OR FARCE: Jan Garden Castro reviews A Chocolate Soldier and The Amoralists by Cyrus Colter


NO PRESENT TENSE: Thomas E. Kennedy reviews Hyannis Boat and Other Stories by W. D. Wetherell


TWO EGOS: Bernice Grohskopf reviews Judgment Day: My Years with Ayn Rand by Nathaniel Branden


BEAT GIRLFRIENDS AND WIVES: Jean Gallagher reviews In the Night Cafe by Joyce Johnson



CHAOS WITH PRINCIPLE: Frank Stewart reviews Pell Mell by Robin Blaser


NARRATIVES OF EXILE: Barbara Harlow reviews The Confusion of Stones: Two Novellas by Marwan Hassan and The Ulysses Trilogy by Saad Elkhadem


SO TIMELY AND SO DIFFERENT: Lem Coley reviews Kill the Poor by Joel Rose and Two against One by Frederick Barthelme


DON'T-LOOK-BACK MODE: Leslie Scalapino reviews Blue Book and Reverse Order by Steve Benson


JUMPING ABOUT: Daniel Leary reviews Bad Art by Quentin Bell


INFLUENCE OF LANDSCAPE: Scott Preston reviews Where the Visible Sun Is by William Kloefkorn and Jeffers' Skull by Garry Radison


THAT COTERIE FEELING: David R. Slavitt reviews Expansive Poetry, edited by Frederick Feirstein



NEWS FROM ABROAD: Siegfried Mandel reviews The Whales in Lake Tanganyika by Lennart Hagerfors, Catapult: A Timetable of Rail, Sea, and Airways to Paradise by Vladimír Páral, Indecent Dreams by Arnost Lustig, The Town Park and Other Stories by Hermann Grab, and Tutelary Tales by Villy Sørensen


DOUBLE ORDEAL: Lois E. Nesbitt reviews The Invisible Player by Giuseppe Pontiggia and The Plague Sower by Gesualdo Bufalino


NIGHT REVERIES: Miriam Levine reviews Because the Sea Is Black by Blaga Dimitrova


PARADOX AND SIMPLICITY: Kathleen Norris reviews A Future of Ice by Miyazawa Kenji Crow With No Mouth by Ikkyu Sojun, and Of Pen and Ink and Paper Scraps by Lucien Stryk


HANGING SOMEWHERE: Scott Penney reviews Arriving at Work by Steven Schrader and Lover by Harriet Zinnes


YOUNG VOICE, OLDER VOICE: John Jacob reviews Your Skin Is a Country by Nora Mitchell and Home Deep Blue by Jean Valentine


NO ESCAPE FROM THE CAVE: Richard Moore reviews Temples and Fields by Phillis Levin and Shores and Headlands by Emily Grosholz


TRADlTIONAL TALES: Jack Barschi reviews The Sea-Rabbit or, The Artist of Life by Wendy Walker

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