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June/July 1993

[Vol. 15, No. 2]


Picketing the Zeitgeist




FINDING THE OTHER: Cynthia Steele reviews Textured Lives: Women, Art, and Representation in Modern Mexico by Claudia Schaefer



CLOUD CUCKOO LAND: Charles Marowitz reviews The Noam Chomsky Lectures by Daniel Brooks and Guillermo Verdecchia and Zip Code: The Collected Plays of Diane di Prima



ALTERNATIVE QUESTIONS: Mark Nowak reviews Music and Text: Critical Inquiries, edited by Steven Paul Scher


Feature: Women

DIVISION AND LOSS: Jean Gallagher reviews Montana Women by Toni Volk and Listen for the Rainbird by Carol Gray Tipton


WOMEN'S SUPPRESSED HISTORIES: Jan Garden Castro reviews Seductions by Jane Miller


MEDUSA IS NOT DEAD: Eurudice reviews Angry Women, edited by Andrea Juno and V. Vale


OUR MOTHERS NEVER TOLD US: Karen Alkalay‑Gut reviews The Dangerous Age by Karin Michaelis


COSMO FOR THE LEFT: Elinor Nauen reviews My Enemy, My Love: Man‑hating and Ambivalence in Women's Lives by Judith Levine


Feature: Men

THE "INNER LIFE" OF SOME AMERICAN MALES IS CHANGING: Richard Katrovas reviews Men of Our Time: An Anthology of Male Poetry in Contemporary America, edited by Fred Moramarco and Al Zolynas


SEEING THEMSELVES AS OTHERS DO: Laurel Blossom reviews Men of Our Time


Book Reviews

A PUBLIC POET: Douglas Clayton reviews Archibald MacLeish: An American Life by Scott Donaldson


THE STRUGGLE TOWARD POETRY: Linda Wagner‑Martin reviews Naked Heart: William Everson Talking on Poetry, Mysticism, and the Erotic


OUTRAGEOUS FUN: David Gregory reviews Pieces of Soap by Stanley Elkin


BETWEEN EXHILARATION AND DESPAIR: Valerie Miner reviews The Living by Annie Dillard


ASSIMILATION WITH RESENTMENT: Martin Washburn reviews The Protestant Establishment Revisited by E. Digby Baltzell


THE MATTER OF THE JEWS: Henry Grinberg reviews In Search of Anti‑Semitism by William F. Buckley, Jr.; If I Am Not for Myself . . . The Liberal Betrayal of the Jews by Ruth R. Wisse; and Chutzpah by Alan M. Dershowitz



DECLARATIONS OF SUFFERING: F. D. Reeve reviews Collected Shorter Poems 1946-1991 by Hayden Carruth


PERILOUS PASSAGE: Santiago Colás reviews Straight Outta Compton by Ricardo Cortez Cruz


CHEERLEADERS FOR THE MILITARY: Joseph Ferguson reviews Stenographers to Power: Media and Propaganda by David Barsamian


EXPANSIONS AND CONTRACTIONS: David R. Slavitt reviews Green River: New and Selected Poems by Robert Morgan; The Ether Dome and Other Poems by Allen Grossman; The Blainville Testament by Sydney Lea; and Rescue the Perishing by Gibbons Ruark


VERBAL OVERKILL: Kathleen Norris reviews Blessings in Disguise by David Clewell


A SUCCESSION OF IMAGES, MEMORIES, AND PROJECTIONS: Karl Young reviews Under Flag by Myung Mi Kim and Imaginary Income by Maureen Owen


ALIVE AND WELL: John Jacob reviews Minimax by Anna Livia and Newt by Ron Dakron


THEY LIVE ON THE COAST: John Tranter reviews Australian Voices: Writers and Their Work, interviews by Ray Willbanks


BLACK MAN TOILING IN THE TEMPLES OF COMMERCE: Robert Fleming reviews Company Man by Brent Wade


THE WASTE DEATH LEAVES IN ITS WAKE: Susan M. Schultz reviews Campo Santo by Susan Wood and Wild Brides by Laura Kasischke


NOT GREAT BUT HONEST: Rochelle Ratner reviews Bare As the Trees by Sue Saniel Elkind



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