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[VOL. 15, No. 3]




WIT AND BEAUTY: Ann Lee Morgan reviews David Hammons: Rousing the Rubble by Kellie Jones, Tom Finkelpearl, and Steve Cannon



THE RELATIONSHIP OF SITE/ART TO LANDSCAPE: Regina Weinreich reviews In Fitting Memory: The Art and Politics of Holocaust Memorials, text by Sybil Milton and photographs by Ira Nowinski



JARRING MUSIC AND BUZZERS: Kenneth Bernard reviews Unbalancing Acts: Foundations for a Theater by Richard Foreman


IRRESISTIBLE CHRONICLE: William McBride reviews The Compass: The Improvisational Theatre That Revolutionized American Comedy by Janet Coleman


Feature: Translations


RING‑MASTER IN THE VALLEJO CIRCUS: Hardie St. Martin reviews two translations of Trilce by César Vallejo, one version translated by Clayton Eshleman, the other by Rebecca Seiferle


TRANSLATIONS, IN BRIEF: Siegfried Mandel reviews Mothers and Daughters by Elena Bonner, translated by Antonina W. Bouis; Maqroll: Three Novellas by Alvaro Mutis, translated by Edith Grossman; A Survivor by Moshé and Elie Garbarz, translated by Jean‑Jacques Garbarz; A Man's Place by Annie Ernaux, translated by Tanya Leslie; Hitchhiking: Twelve German Tales by Gabriele Eckart, translated by Wayne Kvam; Night Roamers and Other Stories by Knut Hamsun, translated by Tiina Nunnally; and Mr. Mani by Abraham B.Yehoshua, translated by Hillel Halkin


ENMESHED IN THEIR OWN LANGUAGE Cheryl Nimtz reviews Black Novel with Argentines by Luisa Valenzuela, translated by Toby Talbot


VICTIMIZATION BY FATE: Karen Alkalay‑Gut reviews The Fan of Swords by Muhammed al‑Maghut, translated by May Jayyusi and Naomi Shihab Nye


TOGETHER IN CHAOS: Harriet Zinnes reviews Complete Poems by Blaise Cendrars, translated by Ron Padgett; and Sky: Memoirs by Blaise Cendrars, translated by Nina Rootes



Feature: Voices of Childhood


DIRECT LINE TO THE IMAGINATION: Claudia Reder reviews Street Rhymes around the World, edited by Jane Yolen; Behind the King's Kitchen: A Roster of Rhyming Riddles, compiled by William Jay Smith and Carol Ra, with woodcuts by Jacques Hnizdovsky; Inner Chimes: Poems on Poetry, edited by Bobbye S. Goldstein, illustrated by Jane Breskin Zalben; Creatures of Earth, Sea, and Sky, edited by Georgia Heard, illustrated by Jennifer Owings Dewey; and Whistling the Morning In, edited by Lillian Morrison, illustrated by Joel Cook


DIRECT ACCESS FROM THE BORDER: Roberta Maldonado reviews First Confession by Montserrat Fontes


WILD CHILD: Elaine Starkman reviews The Worry Girl by Andrea Freud Loewenstein


Feature: Science and Reality




OVER THE FALSE‑COLOR RAINBOW: Piotr Siemion reviews Mapping the Next Millennium: The Discovery of New Geographies by Stephen S. Hall


ITS OWN VICTIM: Jeff Porter reviews Virtual Worlds: A Journey in Hype and Hyperreality by Benjamin Woolley


Book Reviews


A MAD AND MADDENING SYSTEM: Robert Dassanowsky‑Harris reviews Voltaire's Bastards: The Dictatorship of Reason in the West by John Ralston Saul


CHASED BY HIS OWN HARPIES: Nanos Valaoritis reviews Choose Your Own World by Edouard Roditi


VULGAR BLUSTER: Jerome Klinkowitz reviews As the Wolf Howls at My Door by Chandler Brossard


THE PARTICULAR LIFE OF A POLIS: Karl Young reviews Maximus to Gloucester: The Letters and Poems of Charles Olson to The Gloucester Times, 1962‑1969


AKIN TO A FILM: Joseph Milicia reviews Paint It Today by H.D.


THE REAL WORK OF GRIEVING: Marilyn Kallet reviews Moon Crossing Bridge and Portable Kisses by Tess Gallagher


NOT THE WOMAN TO COMPROMISE: Vicki Weissman reviews Olive Moore, Collected Writings, edited by Steven Moore


TECHNICAL TALENT: Dawn Michelle Baude reviews Killing Color by Charlotte Watson Sherman


PECULIAR REALISM: Gail Pool reviews At Weddings and Wakes by Alice McDermott


THE REPRESENTATIVE OF THE MASCULINE: Patricia Laurence reviews Lawrence among the Women: Wavering Boundaries in Women's Literary Traditions by Carol Siegel


SEASALTY WEST AUSTRALIAN WISDOM: Barbara Barnard reviews Cloudstreet by Tim Winton


THE MEANING OF THE LAW: William Shutkin reviews Poethics: And Other Strategies of Law and Literature by Richard Weisberg


UNCOMFORTABLE INTIMACY: Michael Dorsey reviews The Gangsters by Hervé Guibert, translated by Iain White and The Murderer by Roy Heath


FIGHTING EACH OTHER: Pam A. Trout reviews Dissent and Disruption: A University under Siege by Richard Siggelkow


SLIPPING OFF THE EDGE: Robert Fox reviews The Investigator by Richard Moore


MARKED BY CONTRARINESS: Lynn Gingrass reviews TheVolcano Lover by Susan Sontag


A COLD LIGHT: Frank Stewart reviews Clock of Clay: New and Selected Poems by Robert Hazel

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