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[Vol. 15, No. 6]




SOME OF US SURVIVE by Richard Kostelanetz




TO OBSERVE AND TO REGISTER: Liz Markus reviews Kurt Schwitters, Poems, Performance Pieces, Proses, Plays, Poetics, edited and translated by Jerome Rothenberg and Pierre Joris


Feature: Writing and Cyberspace


INGRATE'S EXPECTATIONS: Michael Joyce reviews Fiction in the Quantum Universe by Susan Strehle and Literacy Online, edited by Myron C. Tuman




REALITY DEFAMILIARIZED: Ben Stoltzfus reviews The Gothic Twilight by Stephen-Paul Martin and 43 Fictions by Steve Katz


BLACK ICE 101: Lance Olsen reviews Revelation Countdown by Cris Mazza, The Kafka Chronicles by Mark Amerika, and New Noir by John Shirley


OPPOSITE CORNERS: Charlotte Meyer reviews Dawn of the Flying Pigs by Jerry Bumpus and How I Learned by Gloria Frym


SERIOUS AND INTELLIGENT FUN: David Winn reviews The Idea of Home by Curtis White


A SIP OF A RESTORING CORDIAL: Don Webb reviews The Crimson Bears by Tom LaFarge


WRITTEN BY TEACHERS: Kenneth Mintz reviews Whistling and Other Stories by Myra Goldberg


AN ILL-DEFINED GENRE: Peter Johnson reviews A Robber in the House by Jessica Treat, Hotel Lambosa by Kenneth Koch, The Daughter by Roberta Allen, and Flying Time: Stories and Half Stories by Elisavietta Ritchie


WASTE OR FERTILIZER? Rosaire Appel reviews C by Arnold Skemer and King of the Once Wild Frontier by Robert Lawrence Schichler


OSTENSIBLY ABSTRACT BORDERS: Santiago Colás reviews Saving History by Fanny Howe


WARM LMHT OF THE MEXERICAN SUN: Greg Ganett reviews Zapata Rose in 1992 & Other Tales by Gary D. Keller


BACK TO THE SCENE: Eric Miles Williamson reviews Beam Me Up, Scotty by Michael Guinzburg and Confessions of a Joe Rock by Justin Vitiello


CONTORTED FICTION: Richard Holinger reviews King Ludd by Andrew Sinclair


COMPLEXITIES OF FAMILY LIFE: Harry Goldstein reviews Turkish Delights by David R. Slavitt


IT DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS: Sallie Bingham reviews They Didn't Put That on the Huntley-Brinkley! by Hunter James


OUT OF THE SOUTH: Allan Aycock reviews Diamond's Compass by P. H. Liotta and Her Own Place by Dori Sanders


Book Reviews


ROCK 'N ROLL'S TENACITY: Philip Leggiere reviews Glimpses by Lewis Shiner


A FEMALE BODY OF DESIRE: Doug Rice reviews My Mother: Demonology by Kathy Acker


HOW ABISH IS IT?: Robert Siegle reviews Eclipse Fever by Walter Abish


THE PRO-FORMA APPROACH: Max W. Yeh reviews Imagining Columbus by Ilan Stavans


IBERIAN LEGACIES: A. Robert Lee reviews San Camilo, 1936 by Camilo José Cela, Absent Love by Rosa Montero, Tales from the Mountains by Miguel Torga, Fallen Angels Sing by Omar Torres, and Only Sons by Genaro González


PATTERN POETRY: Dick Higgins reviews The Six-Cornered Snowflake and Other Poems by John Frederick Nims and Types of Shape by John Hollander


THE VIOLENCE OF ORDINARY LIFE: Jeffrey Lee reviews Good Night, Paul: Poems by Robert Peters and Poems: Selected and New 1967-1991 by Robert Peters


RAISE ONE ANOTHER UP: John Jacob reviews Saturn Is Mostly Weather: Selected and Uncollected Poems by Gene Frumkin, Endless Threshold by Jack Hirschman, and Dancing with the Doe: New and Selected Poems 1986-1991 by Margaret Randall


WATER HAS THE LAST WORD: Reg Saner reviews Under the Influence of Water by Michael Delp

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