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[Vol.16, No. 3]


The Net


Picketing The Zeitgeist


IT TOO SHALL PASS by Richard Kostelanetz reviews Redrawing the Boundaries, edited by Stephen Greenblatt and Giles Gunn


LET'S HEAR IT FOR "THE REAL THING" by Nina daVinci Nichols


CERTAINLY HIP: Peter Baker reviews Shades of Noir, edited by Joan Copjec


PASTEBOARD SUPERHERO? Rhonda Garelick reviews Life into Art: Isadora Duncan and Her World, edited by Dorée Duncan, Carol Pratl, and Cynthia Splatt




TWEAKING THE PUBLIC'S NOSE: Henry Sayre reviews Art in the Public Interest, edited by Arlene Raven, and Art and the Public Sphere, edited by W.J.T. Mitchell


CANONIZING INSANE ART: Mel Freilicher reviews Madness and Art: The Life and Works of Adolf Wölfli by Walter Morgenthaler, M.D., translated by Aaron H. Esman, M.D.


STEPCHILD OF WARHOL: David Antin reviews The Invisible Dragon: Four Essays on Beauty by Dave Hickey and Making Theory/Constructing Art: On the Authority of the Avant-Garde by Daniel Herwitz


CRITICAL EFFORT DISGUISED: Henry Korn reviews Art Speak: A Guide to Contemporary Ideas, Movements and Buzzwords and Art Spoke: A Guide to Modern Ideas, Movements and Buzzwords, 1848-1944 by Robert Atkins


MODERNISM AS WHOLLY TOXIC: Libby Lumpkin reviews Art and Otherness: Crisis in Cultural Identity by Thomas McEvilley


SUPREME CONSCIOUSNESS: Corinne Robins reviews The Optical Unconscious by Rosalind E. Krauss


MISLEADING SURFACE RESEMBLANCE: George J. Leonard reviews Essays on the Blurring of Art and Life by Allan Kaprow, edited by Jeff Kelley


UNCANNY SEANCE: Sanda Agalidi reviews Cabaret Performance, Volume 11: Europe 1920–1940 Sketches, Songs, Monologues, Memoirs, selected and translated, with commentary, by Laurence Senelick, and Symbolist Theater: The Formation of an Avant-Garde by Frantisek Deak


THE BEST KEPT SECRET: Ellen Zweig reviews Acting Out: Feminist Performances, edited by Lynda Hart and Peggy Phelan, and Presence and Resistance: Postmodernism and Cultural Politics in Contemporary American Performance by Philip Auslander


PAST DESIRE, PRESENT LONGING: Theresa Allen reviews Polyphilo or the Dark Forest Revisited: An Erotic Epiphany of Architecture by Alberto Pérez-Gomez




LEGACY OF FRENCH THOUGHT: Dawn Michelle Baude reviews A Lesson in Music by Jean Daive, translated by Julie Kalendek


REDISCOVERED PREDECESSOR: Naomi Lindstrom reviews Piano Stories by Felisberto Hernández, translated by Luis Harss


MUCH MORE IN ANIMALS: John S. Brushwood reviews An Ark for the Next Millennium by José Emilio Pacheco, translated by Margaret Sayers Peden


COMMINGLING OF EAST AND WEST: Tomomi Hirade reviews Forbidden Games & Video Poems: The Poetry of Yang Mu and Lo Ch'ing, translated by Joseph R. Allen


Feature: GAY IDEAS

COUCHLESS, IT SHIVERS: Jacques Servin reviews Gay Ideas: Outing and Other Controversies by Richard D. Mohr


Book Reviews


FEEL-GOOD IMAGES: Michael Perkins reviews What Is Found There: Notebooks on Poetry and Politics and Your Native Land, Your Life by Adrienne Rich


DAZZLING REINVENTORS: Eurudice reviews The Autobiography of Cassandra by Ursule Molinaro and Sister Carrie by Lauren Fairbanks


THE FREAKS WIN OUT: Barry Wallenstein reviews Nude Men by Amanda Filipacchi


MORE SEDUCTIVE TO A WRITER: Michael Dorsey reviews Ava by Carole Maso


ROOM FOR A SEQUEL: Steven Boyd Saum reviews Kalifornia by Marc Laidlaw


OCCUPYING THE BORDERS: Lance Dean reviews Death Tractates by Brenda Hillman and Ribbons: The Gulf War by William Heyen


BEYOND THESE CAREFUL INVENTIONS: Curt Rode reviews What We Don't Know about Each Other by Lawrence Raab and Good Hope Road by Stuart Dischell


NO EXIT OFF THE INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY: Tim W. Brown reviews The Mind Crime of August Saint by Alain Arias-Misson


THROUGH A COLD AND DISORIENTING FOG: Harry Polkinhorn reviews Three Blondes and Death by Yuriy Tarnawsky


NUANCES OF MUSIC: Denise Duhamel reviews The God of Indeterminacy by Sandra McPherson, The Red Hour by Robin Behn, and Between the Sea and Home by Almitra David


MORALITY OF SEEING: Kenneth Warren reviews Before Our Eyes by Lawrence Joseph


HOUSE WTTH NO WALLS: Warren Woessner reviews No Nature: New and Selected Poems by Gary Snyder


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