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April/May, 1996
[Vol.17, No.4]


Rants and Raves


Focus: Freudian Slippage


THIS DISEASE CALLED MAN: Dr. Jonathan Cohen reviews The Memory Wars: Freud's Legacy in Dispute by Frederick Crews.




Feature: Life Stories


LITERARY SPINACH/LITERARY PLEASURE: Bette Ann Moskowitz reviews The Diaries of Dawn Powell, 1931-1965, and My Home is Far Away by Dawn Powell.


NO IDEAS BUT IN THINGS: John Tytell reviews Remembering William Carlos Williams by James Laughlin


THE DANCE OF ASTONISHMENT: Suzanne K. Walther reviews Massine: A Biography by Vincente García-Márquez.


ART IN THE MARKET: Robert L. McLaughlin reviews Firebrand: The Life of Horace Liveright by Tom Dardis


WHAT HAPPENED? Joe Napora reviews We Have a Little Sister, Marguerite: The Midwest Years by John Sanford.


YOUNG MARX CARBUNCULAR: Eric Mendelsohn reviews A Requiem for Karl Marx by Frank E. Manuel.


COME UP AND SEE ME SOMETIME: Kelly Mayhew reviews When I'm Bad, I'm Better: Mae West, Sex, and American Entertainment by Marybeth Hamilton.


AM AMERICAN IN PARIS: Leon Lewis reviews Henry Miller: The Paris Years by Brassaï.


Feature: Hot Licks


YAKETY YAK: Andrew Essex: reviews The Dustbin of History by Greil Marcus.


REFORMULATING JAZZ: Norman Spencer reviews Jazz Among the Discourses, edited by Krin Gabbard; Representing Jazz, edited by Krin Gabbard; and Sounding Off, edited by Ron Sakolsky and Fred Wei-Han Ho.


BLUES BEAT: Barry Wallenstein reviews Book of Blues by Jack Kerouac


Feature: Dream Visions


BEAUIFULLY CAPTURED: Lynne Diamond-Nigh reviews La Belle Captive by Alain Robbe-Grillet and René Magritte; translated by Ben Stoltzfus


ABSTRACT SURREALISM:  William S. Wilson reviews Surrealism in Exile and the Beginning of the New York School by Martica Swain.


VISIONARY REVISIONING: Paul Pines reviews Lost Paradise: Symbolist Europe


Book Reviews


CONFINED IN LIMBO: Teri Reynolds reviews Collected Novellas: Collected Early Fiction, 1949-1964 by Arno Schmidt; translated by John E. Woods.


COMPASSIONATE HAWK: Charles Marowitz reviews The Collected Works of Harold Clurman: Six Decades of Commentary on Theatre, Dance, Music, Film, Arts and Letters, edited by Margorie Loggia and Glen Young


MIND'S SHIFTING GEOGRAPHIES: W. B. Keckler reviews State of Mind by Martha Ronk


CHOICELESS CHOICES: Susan Osborn reviews Admitting the Holocaust: Collected Essays by Lawrence Langler.


FAMILY VAIIJES: Kingsley Widmer reviews Lying In Bed: A Novel by J.D. Landis.


THE HAZARDS OF RESTRAINT Carolyn Peyser reviews The Bottomland by Harry Humes.


Mistress OF SORROWS: Paul Oppenheimer reviews Songs in Flight: The Collected Poems of Ingeborg Bachmann, translated and introduced by Peter Filkins.


THE RISING OF THE SERPENT: Jim Feast reviews Serpent of Fire: A Modern View of Kundalini by Darrel Irving.


WHOSE MELVILLE IS 1T?: William Lansing Brown reviews The Errant Art of Moby Dick: The Canon, the Cold War, and the Struggle for American Studies by William V. Spanos; and Pierre, or the Ambiguities by Herman Melville.


IRONY AND/OR AUTHENTICITY: Tyrus Miller reviews A .38 Special and a Broken Heart by Jonis Agee; and I Survived Caracas Traffic: Stories from the Me Decade by Richard Grayson.


PEEPAWS OF PROVIDENCE: Forrest Gander reviews The Locality Principle by Keith Waldrop.


DREAM PROSE: Ted Rooney reviews Inside and Out of Byzantium by Nina Zivancevic.


WINGLESS FLIGHT: Rachel Gupta reviews Internal Strategies by Anita Feng.


THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN (MIS)NAMED "OTHER": Lynda Koolish reviews Written by Herself: Literary Production by African American Women, 1746-1892 by Frances Smith Foster


NECESSARY FICTIONS: William Greenway reviews Scrimmage of Appetite by Jon Davis.


IMPRISONED SELF: Judy Michaels reviews Heart Work by Sharon Dolin.


REIMAGINING AN UNDEAD PAST: Edward Butscher reviews Through All the Displacements by Edgar (Gabriel Silex; and Dark and Perfect Angels by Benjamin Alire Sáenz.


HISTORY'S ORPHANS: Patrick Pritchett reviews What a Strange Way of Being Dead by Jack Collom.


PERGRINATIONS: Thomas J. Harford reviews The Stone Cutter's Hand by Richard Tillinghast.


CROSSING NAMES OFF THE, ROLODEX: Martin Schecter reviews The Way We Write Now: Short Stories from the AIDS Crisis, edited by Sharon Oard Warner.


LOST IN THE WOODS: Carmine G. Simmons reviews The Forest by Susan Stewart.



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