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[Vol. 18, No. 1]

October-November 1996


Focus: Avant-Pop II

Avant-pop 101 Larry McCaffery

Hypertextual Consciousness, Virtual Reality, and the Avant-Pop MarkAmerika

Avant-Pop Edelika: The Tie-Dyed Musical Legacy of the Good Ol’ Grateful Dead: Part Two by Victor Bradley

Howard, King of All Media: Part Two Jim Rother reviews Howard Stern: Miss America by Howard SternThat's Blaxploitation!

Rob Hardin reviews That’s Blaxploitation! Roots of the Baadassss 'Tude by Darius James

"Ostranenye goes gevortsing," or "The Dethompsoning of quiddity": An Eyewitness Report: Marc Chènetier reviews The Age of Wire and String by Ben Marcus

The Monster in the Mirror: Veronica Hollinger reviews Our Vampires, Ourselves by Nina Auerbach


Death and the Metal Maiden Ronald Bogue

Feature: Life Studies

Myth Montez: Charles Marowitz reviews Lola Montez: A Life by Bruce Seymour

Kosinski: The Final Chapter: Cezar M. Ornatowski and Jerzy Durczak review Jerzy Kosinski: A Biography by James Park Sloan.

Cartoon Auteur: Joseph Dunlap reviews Marylin: Story of a Woman by

Kathryn HyattHow the Irish Fairies Saved Western Civilization

Daniel Leary reviews Bernard Shaw: The Ascent of the Superman by Sally Peters

Book Reviews


The Mina Loy Mysteries: Legend and Language

Marjorie Perloff reviews Becoming Modern: The Life of Mina Loy by Carolyn Burke, The Lost Lunar Baedeker: Poems of Mina Loy Edited by Roger L. Conover, and The Hotel in the Jungle by Albert J. Guerard


The Right Stuff: Philip Green reviews The Essential Neoconservative Reader Edited by Mark Gerson


Words Soaking Up Views: Robin Magowan reviews This Meadow of Time: A Provence Journal by Fredrick Smock


Louie's Life Force: Lauren Sanders reviews The Photographer's Sweethearts by Diana Hartog


Crisscrossing Genders: Michael du Plesis reviews Bisexual Politics: Theories, Queries, & Visions Edited by.Naomi Tucker with Liz Highleyman and Rebecca Kaplan


Nouveau Politique: Ben Stolzfus reviews New Novel, New Wave, New Politics: Fiction and the Representation of History in Postwar France by Lynn A. Higgins Ozymandias and Harriet, or The Decline and Fall of the

American Family: David Kirby reviews Before and After by Charlie Smith .


Madonna's Foremother: Kelly Mayhew reviews Too Much of a Good Thing: Mae West as Cultural Icon by Ramona Curry


Stop, Look and Reread: Corinne Robins reviews Poe's Mother: Selected Drawings of Djuna Barnes Edited with an introduction by Douglas Messerli


Half a Loaf : Mimi Albert reviews The Sixties Edited by Peter Stine


Porn Power: Laura Wadenpful reviews XXX: A woman's Right to Pornography by Wendy McElroy


Hunger and Mystery: MT Kinney reviews The Night (Alone) by Richard Meltzer


The Functional Forum: Doug Nufer reviews Doña Juana by Mok Hossfeld


The Eyes Have It : Sidney Freshbach reviews Joyce's Iritis and the Irritated Text: The Dis-Lexic Ulysses by Roy Gottfried


Between the Ache and the Lack: Adrienne McCormick reviews Night Drawings by Marjorie Stelmach


Making the Irrational Inevitable: W.B. Keckler reviews Symmetry by Laura Moriarty and Cold Pluto by Mari RuefleThe Net

The Net


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