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May/June 1997
[Vol. 18, No. 4]

Table of Contents

Yes, Australia: Poetry from Down Under

Sharon Olinka, Focus Editor

Post-Generation of '68

John Kinsella reviews The New Australian Poetry Edited by John Tantner

The State of Publishing Poetry Books in Australia 1996: Richard Deutch

Spread the Word, Live Poetry in Australia: Lauren Williams

Listening to Immigrants in Melbourne: Nathan Whiting reviews 24 Hours by IP.O

Australia's Women Poets

Geoff Page reviews The Oxford Book of Australian Women's Verse edited by Susan Lever, Emily Brontë Recollects by Judith Beveridge

The Stolen Generation: Roberta B. Sykes reviews Dreaming In Urban Areas by Lisa Bellear, The Callused Stick of Wanting by Romaine Moreton

Guerilla Language: Andrew Taylor reviews New and Selected Poems: Munaladjali, Mutuerjaraera by Lionel Fogarty

Rants and Raves

Letter to the Editor

Feature: Federmania

Premembering History: Bob Riedel reviews The Twofold Vibration by Ramond Federman

The Avant-Popist Crisis: Raymond Federman

Laughterature, Cacademics, and the Federman Virus: Cam Tatham reviews The Supreme Indecision of the Writer: the 1994 Lectures in Turkey by Ramond Federman

Book Reviews

Salvaging Harold Brodkey: William Wilson reviews his Wild Darkness: The Story of My Death by Harold Brodkey

Mules and Drugs and R & B: Mark Scroggins reviews Muse & Drudge by Harryette Mullen

If on a Winter's Night: Lynne Diamond-Nigh reviews A History Maker by Alisdair Gray

Nation Building: Daniel Leary reviews Inventing Ireland: The Literature of the Modern Nation by Declan Kiberd

Subversive Alphebet : Frank Allen reviews Imagine the Angels of Bread by Martín Espada

Praire Fever and Pop Midwest: Susan Swartwout reviews Same Blue Chevy by Gale Renée Walden

Margarine and Obsession: Lila Zeiger reviews The Tension Zone by Sarah Gorham

Terra Infirma: Craig Watson reviews By Common Salt by Killarney Clary

Boats Against the Current: Ricardo Cortez Cruz reviews American Heaven by Maxine Chernoff

Sentimental Journey: Robert Buttel reviews Connecting the Dots by Maxine Kumin

The Outsider Rag: Three Fugues on he Human Condition: Barbara Barnard reviews Annie Salemi by Mac Wellman, Four Figures in Time by Patricia Grossman, Cool's Ridge by Ursula Perrin

Hotel sans Walls: Steve Tomasula reviews Storytown by Susan Daitch

Nature Methodized: Ralph Black reviews Reading Houses and Building Books: Andrew Jackson Downing and the Architecture of Popular Anti-bellum Literature, 1835-1855 by Adam W. Sweeting

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