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February 1980
[Vol. 2, No. 3]



Arnold Rampersad Reviews Amiri Baraka/Leroi Jones: The Quest for a Populist Modernism by Werner Sollors


G.E. Murray Reviews Poems of the Two Worlds by Frederick Morgan


Shirley Clay Scott Reviews The Love Child by Eve Shelnutt


Robert Kelly The Book of Persephone

Rochelle Ratner Reviews Fragments of Perseus by Michael McClure


Bill Zavatsky Reviews New and Selected Poems by Paul Carroll


Jamie James Reviews The Basketball Diaries by Jim Carroll


Susan Mernit Reviews Eleanor, A Novel by Rhoda Lerman


Lee Breuer Animations: A Trilogy for Mabou Mines


Thomas Meyer reviews The Florence Poems and Aesthetics by Toby Olson


Lenora Champagne Reviews Plays and Manifestos by Richard Foreman


Millen Brand Reviews Sea Rock City by Philip Pierson


Rosellen Brown Reviews A Blessing Outside Us by Hilda Morley and Tamsen Donner: A Woman’s Journey by Ruth Whitman


Five Intensities

Edward Butscher Reviews What the Trees Go Into by Marcia Southwick; Dissolves by Debra Bruce; A Risk of Green Barbara F. Lefcowitz; I Wanted to See Something Flying Harriet Zinnes; and The Buffalo Sequence by Mark Pawlak



Richard Jones Reviews Things About to Disappear and Blanco by Allen Wier



Art Lange reviews The Candelflame by David Hilton




David Porush Reviews The Grim Phoenix: Reconstructing Thomas Pynchon by William M. Plater


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