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July/August 1980
[Vol. 2, No. 5]


Harold Jaffe Reviews The Executioner's Song by Norman Mailer


Charles Reznikoff Reznikoff's Modernity

A retrospective by Michael Heller


Andrei Codrescru Reviews The Darkest Continent, Bearings, and Bits of Thirst by Jack Marshall


Roger Michell Reviews Waiting for the Angel by Tom McGrath


Ron Arias Reviews Schemes in the Month of March by Emilio Díaz Valcarcel


Mark Rudman Reviews Selected Poems by Osip Mandelstam


The Cranberry Island Sequence by Richard Grossinger Reviewed by Gary Aspenberg and a self-review by Richard Grossinger


William J. Harris Reviews Chants of Saints

by Michael S. Harper and Robert B. Stepto eds.


Steve Abbott Reviews The Drowned Man to the Fish: Poems by Robert Peters



Alicia Ostriker reviews Take on Blood Rose by Mary Jane Coleman, A Taste of the Knife by Marnie Walsh, Newspaper Stories and Other Poems by Patricia Dienstfrey, and The Rift Zone by Joan Joffe Hall


Books Received and Recomended


Madeleine Keller Reviews Aspects of the Vertical by Charles Levendosky


Donna Brook Reviews On Sundays We Visit the In-Laws by Steven Schrader

Rochelle Ratner and Theodore Enslin Review Atitlan/Alashka by Nathaniel Tarn and Janet Rodney


Letters to the Editors


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