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September/October 1999
[Volume 20, Issue 6]


Excerpted from this issue:

Larry McCaffery's
The 20th Century's Greatest Hits
(the full list in html)


All of our excerpts are in Adobe Acrobat format. If you don't have Adobe Reader on your computer, you can click this button and download it for free.

Table of Contents

FOCUS: Anthologies

An Introduction:
The In Crowd: Thematic Antholigies
, by Rochelle Ratner

Mind Games
Rika Lesser reviews On the Couch: Great American Stories About Therapy edited by Erica Kates

Same Difference
Fred Muratori reviews Identity Lessons: Contemporary Writing About Learning to Be American edited by Maria Mazziotti Gillan and Jennifer Gillan

Ghost Dance
Joe Napora reviews Visit Teepee Twon: Native Writings after the Detours edited by Diane Glancy and Mark Nowak

After Babel
JR Foley reviews Imagining Language: An Anthology edited by Jed Rasula and Steve McCaffery

Rescuing the Homosexual Aesthetic (From Itself?)
Andrew Grossman reviews A Day for a Lay: A Century of Gay Poetry edited by Gavin Geoffrey Dillard

Pointless to Ponder
Joe Maynard reviews Fetish: An Anthology edited by John Yau

The Poetics of Adventure
Gail Gilliland reviews Living on the Edge: Fiction by Peace Corps Writers edited by John Coyne

FEATURE: Nature Studies

The Greening of Anarchism
J.D. Connor reviews Green Cultural Studies: Nature in Film, Novel, and Theory by Jhan Hochman

Call to Life
Trey Strecker reviews Nature Studies by John Henry Ryskamp

FEATURE: Future Imperfect

Dumbing Down the Future
Chris Rutledge reviews Navigating the Future: A Personal Guide to Achieving Success in the New Millennium by Mikela Tarlow with Philip Tarlow

Thempark Living
James Ryan reviews Crossing the Expendable Landscape by Bettina Drew

In Transit
Adrian Zupp reviews Futures by Ken Edwards




Sentiment and Sentimentality
Jefferey C. Sugarman reviews A Frieze for a Temple of Love by Edward Field

Looking for a Splibby
Ricardo Cortez Cruz reviews Prisoners by Wayne Karlin

Retrofitting Genre to Cure Gender
Jill Nagle reviews A Good Cuntboy is Hard to Find by Doug Rice

Hard Truths
Rick Pernod reviews After All by William Matthews

I Have Dreamed a Dream. . .
Henry Grinberg reviews Night Errands: How Poets Use Dreams edited by Roderick Townley

Bedside Reading
Donna Reis reviews Gift by Hugh Ogden

Remaining American
Leslie Schenk reviews Turning Japanese by David Galef

The Common Thing That is Anonymously About Us
Barbara Einzig reviews American Rush: Selected Poems by Maureen Owen

Bulging with Information, Grating with Insistence
Miriam Levine reviews Last Chance for the Tarzan Holler by Thylias Moss

The Open Field
Krysia Jopek reviews Lost Wax by Heather Ramsdell

The Aesthetics of Activism
Barbara Hoffert reviews Zapata's Disciple: Essays by Martín Espada

Dostoyevsky via Richard Pryor
Bob Blaisdell reviews Living for the City by Jervey Tervalon

From the Backlist:

Whither the Avant-Garde?
Michael Fujimoto Keezing reviews An ABC of Contemporary Reading by Richard Kostelanetz and Modernism Since Postmodernism: Essays on Intermedia by Dick Higgins



Picketing the Zeitgeist
The 20th Century's Greatest Hits by Larry McCaffery (the full list in html)

Rants and Raves
Letters to the Editor

ABR: The Year in Review
Index to Volume 20



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