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January/February 2002
[Volume 23, Issue 2]

PoMo's Wake, I

Excerpted from this issue:

Introduction: PoMo's Wake, I
Charles B. Harris

Tom LeClair reviews The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen

Every Home Is Borrowed Anyway
Karen Alkalay-Gut reviews The Road to Fez by Ruth Knafo Setton

Image from issueDetail from cover
Charon's Ferry by Gyula Illyés


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Table of Contents

FOCUS: PoMo's Wake, I

Introduction: PoMo's Wake, I
Charles B. Harris


Tom LeClair reviews The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen

Jesus' Son
Christopher Coake reviews Choke by Chuck Palahniuk

Pile-Drivin' Man
Daniel Garrett reviews John Henry Days by Colson Whitehead

Sean Bernard reviews After the Plague by T.C. Boyle

Shame, Shame, but Who's to Blame?
Brian Budzynski reviews This Shape We're In by Jonathan Lethem

FEATURE: Jewish Variations

Every Home Is Borrowed Anyway
Karen Alkalay-Gut reviews The Road to Fez by Ruth Knafo Setton

Golem at the Bat

Image from issue
Clark Humphrey reviews The Golem's Mighty Swing by James Sturm

Memory and Identity
Charles Fishman reviews Passionate Renewal: Jewish Poetry in Britain since 1945 edited by Peter Lawson

FEATURE: Spanish Variations

Betwixt and Between
Russell Leigh Sharman reviews Tunnel Kids by Lawrence J. Taylor and Maeve Hickey

Notes on a Series
T.R. Hull reviews Snapping Lines by Jack Lopez, Cue Lazarus by Carl Marcum, and Giraffe on Fire by Juan Felipe Herrera

Polyglot Subversions
Mary Mackey reviews Fly-Over States of Mind by Susan Smith Nash

FEATURE: Cyber Variations

Even Professors Wannabe Cowboys
Diane Greco reviews Hacking Cyberspace by David J. Gunkel

What We Will Have Become
Jill Walker reviews New Worlds, New Words: Exploring Pathways for Writing about and in Electronic Environments edited by John F. Barber and Dene Grigar

Hypertext Is Dead, Long Live Cybertext!

Image from issue
Pawel Frelik reviews Cybertext Yearbook 2000 edited by Markku Eskelinen and Raine Koskimaa




Alicia Ostriker reviews Starry Night: Astronomers and Poets Read the Sky by David H. Levy

The Bettabilitarians
John Rocco reviews The Metaphysical Club: A Story of Ideas in America by Louis Menand

Any Old Way You Choose It
David R. Stampone reviews The Hunger Bone: Rock & Roll Stories by Debra Marquart

True Crime
Jeremy Russell reviews Torso: A True Crime Graphic Novel by Brian Michael Bendis and Marc Andreyko

Horse First!
Joe Napora reviews American Rambler by Dale Smith

Butcher Paper Wings
David Roderick reviews The Deepest Part of the River by Mekeel McBride

Kindly Plain
Laurel Blossom reviews Ten Thousand Good Mornings by James Reiss

Singlemost Importance
Brian Blanchfield reviews The Chime by Cort Day

Beat Apocalypse
Traci Vogel reviews Showing Light a Good Time by Dan Raphael

Heraclitus the Obscure
Marshall S. Hurwitz reviews Fragments: The Collected Wisdom of Heraclitus translated by Brooks Haxton

Epic Rosemary Farrell reviews Obsidian: An Epic Tale of Provincetown by R.D. Skillings

One Sentence on Tyranny
Adam Makkai reviews Charon's Ferry: Fifty Poems and What You Have Almost Forgotten: Selected Poems by Gyula Illyés

Vision's Ground
Tom Lavazzi reviews Flying through Glass by Steven Sher

Striding Ahead
John Jacob reviews Shiny Pencils at the Edge of Things: New and Selected Poems by Dick Gallup

First Looks
Robert L. McLaughlin reviews Pynchon and Mason & Dixon edited by Brooke Horvath and Irving Malin

Four in One: B&B
Richard Kostelanetz reviews Editors: The Best from Five Decades edited by Saul Bellow and Keith Botsford

This Peculiar Game
Victoria A. Chevalier reviews The Force and the Reckoning by James A. Emanuel

Dante and the Dubliner
D.B. Weiss reviews Joyce's Modernist Allegory: Ulysses and the History of the Novel by Stephen Sicari and Joyce, Dante, and the Poetics of Literary Relations: Language and Meaning in Finnegans Wake by Lucia Boldrini



Essay: Bonfire of the Vanities
by Rochelle Ratner

From the Backlist:
Charles Marowitz reviews Bosie: A Biography of Lord Alfred Douglas by Douglas Murray



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