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July/August 2002
[Volume 23, Issue 5]

Innovative Women Writing Fiction

Excerpted from this issue:

Introduction: Innovative Female Fiction Writers
Stacey Gottlieb

Begin in Singing
Essay by Carole Maso

Bounding the Void
Ryan Smith reviews The Blue Guide to Indiana by Michael Martone, The Complete Tales of Ketzia Gold by Kate Bernheimer, and The Noctambulists & Other Fictions by Peter Spielberg

Cover Image: Window Dressing, Bodee, California, 2001, by Gregory D. Rose. Reproduced by permission of the artist.


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Table of Contents

FOCUS: Title of Issue's Focus

Introduction: Innovative Female Fiction Writers
Stacey Gottlieb

The Rebirth of Irony
Heidi Julavits reviews Lightning Field by Dana Spiotta

Vanished Women

Laura Engel reviews The Incantation of Frida K. by Kate Braverman

Literary Origami
Carole Burns reviews Why Did I Ever by Mary Robison

Dancing on the Borderline
Stacey Levine reviews Romancer Erector by Diane Williams

Comical Gnostic
Rikki Ducornet reviews Samuel Johnson Is Indignant by Lydia Davis

Begin in Singing
Essay by Carole Maso

FEATURE: Poetry on the Left

Poetry that Makes Something Happen
Nancy Berke reviews Revolutionary Memory: Recovering the Poetry of the American Left by Cary Nelson

Discipline and Punish
Michael McIrvin reviews The Prisons by Maggie Jaffe

FEATURE: A Woman's Perspective

The Purplest of Prose
Victoria Brockmeier reviews Available Means: An Anthology of Women's Rhetoric(s) edited by Joy Ritchie and Kate Ronald

Ethical Apprenticeships
Nancy Kline reviews American Women Writers and the Nazis: Ethics and Politics in Boyle, Porter, Stafford, and Hellman by Thomas Carl Austenfeld




The Reasons of Poetry
Laurel Blossom reviews The Poems of Laura Riding: A Newly Revised Edition of the 1938/1980 Collection by Laura (Riding) Jackson

The Space in a Mirror
Andras Hamori reviews Poems and Prose by Georg Trakl

Bardic Riffs
Charles Marowitz reviews Hamlet in Pieces: Shakespeare Reworked by Peter Brook, Robert Lepage, Robert Wilson by Andy Lavender

Dread(locked) Poets Society
Benjamin Ivry reviews Too Black, Too Strong by Benjamin Zephaniah

Strange Worlds
Anneli Rufus reviews Sideshow U.S.A.: Freaks and the American Cultural Imagination by Rachel Adams

Imagination's Horne
Robert Burr reviews The Poetry Blues: Essays and Interviews by William Matthews

Words, Words, Words
Alan Richter reviews Word Freak: Heartbreak, Triumph, Genius, and Obsession in the World of Competitive Scrabble Players by Stefan Fatsis

Bounding the Void

Image from issueImage from issue
Ryan Smith reviews The Blue Guide to Indiana by Michael Martone, The Complete Tales of Ketzia Gold by Kate Bernheimer, and The Noctambulists & Other Fictions by Peter Spielberg

Lyrics and Essays
David Latané reviews The Salt Hour and The Sleeper at the Party by J.P. White

Oliver Twisted
Jeremy Russell reviews Fast Eddie, King of the Bees by Robert Arellano

Wheat and Chaff
Robert Peters reviews The Complete Poetry of James Hearst edited by Scott Cawelti

An Art of Light and Life
Corinne Robins reviews Lydia Cassatt Reading the Morning Paper by Harriet Scott Chessman

Beg, Borrow, or Steal
Kevin Grandfield reviews Antarctica by Claire Keegan

Midwestern Woes
Edward Butscher reviews Freezing by Steve Langan

Radical Originality
Stephanie Rauschenbusch reviews The Downstream Extremity of the Isle of Swans by Mary Jo Bang and The Keep by Emily Wilson

Thinking Cure
David Matlin reviews Apart from Freud: Notes for a Rational Psychoanalysis by Jonathan Cohen

Remembering Mama
Elaine Starkman reviews A Man and a Woman and a Man by Savyon Liebrecht



Picketing the Zeitgeist
Five-Point Restraints: Art-Making in the Technosphere
by Harold Jaffe

From the Backlist
Mike Chasar reviews The Autochton Poems by Simon Perchik



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