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July/August 2003
[Volume 24, Issue 5]

From the Mainstream


All of our excerpts are in Adobe Acrobat format. If you don't have Adobe Reader on your computer, you can click this button and download it for free.


Table of Contents

Introduction: From the Mainstream: Giving the Devil His Due

Mogul Mojo
David Cowart reviews Cosmopolis by Don DeLillo

Powers to the People
Jason Picone reviews The Time of Our Singing by Richard Powers

Secret Knots and Hidden Trinities
D.B. Weiss reviews Ariel’s Crossing by Bradford Morrow

Postmodern Loneliness
Stephen Burn reviews How To Be Alone: Essays by Jonathan Franzen

A Mechanized Spirit
John Soutter reviews The Rush for Second Place:
Essays and Occasional Writings and Agape Agape
by William Gaddis

From the Slipstream

The Resettling of Sukenickland
Jerome Klinkowitz reviews 1998.6 by Matthew Roberson

Mary Mackey reviews Girl Imagined by Chance by Lance Olsen

I Is Somebody Else
Matt Briggs reviews I. by Stephen Dixon

The Graphic Truth
“ Is This Truly the Only Earth I Can Live On?”
Adam Jones reviews Get Your War On by David Rees

News for Ordinary People
David Cogswell reviews To Afghanistan and Back: A Graphic
Travelogue by Ted Rall

Secrets and Lies
You’ve Been Disinformed
Matthew Kopka reviews Everything You Know Is Wrong:
The Disinformation Guide to Secrets and Lies
edited by Russ Kick

The Good Fight
Mel Freilicher reviews Students against Sweatshops
by Liza Featherstone and United Students against Sweatshops

Orwellian Pundit
Ron Capshaw reviews Why Orwell Matters by Christopher Hitchens


Book Reviews

Poet’s Poet
Linda Wagner-Martin reviews Collected Works by Lorine Niedecker

Our Dour America
Stacey Levine reviews Stories in the Worst Way by Gary Lutz

The Commitments
Gary Lenhart reviews As Ever: Selected Poems by Joanne Kyger

Repeat Play
Jason Weiss reviews Beckett on Film produced by Michael Colgan and Alan Moloney

Fruitful Confusion
Paula Koneazny reviews Winter (Mirror) by Paul Hoover

Hearts of Darkness
Leora Lev reviews My Loose Thread by Dennis Cooper

Invisible Growth
Fred Muratori reviews Transitory and Arbor Vitae by Jane Augustine

Discontent and Its Discontents
Dave Mandl reviews How To Lose Friends and Alienate People: A Memoir by Toby Young

Houston, We Have a Problem
Sean Bernard reviews It Takes a Worried Man by Tracy Daugherty

Poems of Intimate Anguish
Rick Pernod reviews The Fall by D. Nurkse

Circumstantial Evidence
Mason Adams reviews Shootout with Father by Marianne Hauser and Instant Karma by Mark Swartz

The Problem of Beauty
Mary Bringle reviews Rubens: A Portrait by Paul Oppenheimer

Sappho, Reconstituted
George Economou reviews If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho translated by Anne Carson

The Muse of Aboutness
Robert Baker reviews In the Name of the Neither by Gustaf Sobin

DIY Shamanism
Lauren Agnelli reviews Breaking Open the Head:
A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism
by Daniel Pinchbeck

Literary Voyeur
Rochelle Ratner reviews The Contortionist’s Handbook by Craig Clevenger

Embellishment to the Third Power
Vincent Czyz reviews Flicker in the Porthole Glass by Edward Desautels

Biography of a Bureaucrat
Stephen Barbara reviews Haussman: His Life and Times, and the Making of Modern Paris by Michael Carmona

The Electronic World is Round
Jennifer Ley reviews WithoutCovers: //literary_magazines@the_digital_edge
edited by Lesha Hurliman and Numsiri C. Kunakemakorn


Picketing the Zeitgeist
News, Poetry, Protest, and Making it Matter
by Jordan Jones

The Net
From the Backlist
Corinne Robins reviews Old Man Goya by Julia Blackburn


May/June 2003
[Volume 24, Issue 4]

New Poetry

All our excerpts are in Adobe Acrobat format. If you don't have Acrobat on your computer, you can click this button and download it for free.

Introduction: History, Lyricism, and “Avant-Gardism”

Beyond the First-Book Poets
Wayne Miller

Where Agape and Eros Collide
Anthony Deaton reviews Rock Harbor by Carl Phillips

History between the Lines
Pablo Peschiera reviews Necessity by Peter Sacks

Beastly Elegies
Claire Hero reviews The Violence of the Morning by Cal Bedient

Jennifer Grotz reviews Still Life with Waterfall by Eamon Grennan

Stumbling On
Brian Barker reviews The Guests at the Gate by Anthony Piccione

Suburban Sex
Kevin Prufer reviews Except for One Obscene Brushstroke by Dzvinia Orlowsky

Poems in Twilight
Jerry Harp reviews In the Next Galaxy by Ruth Stone
and Drawing on the Wall by Harriet Zinnes

Feature: Where I Live

Frontlines of an American Dream

Audrey Petty reviews Pink Houses and Family Taverns
by Becky Bradway

Appalachia Springs Eternal
Larry Smith reviews The Handywoman Stories
by Lenore McComas Coberly

Feature: The Village and Beyond

Beautiful and Nightmare City
John Rocco reviews Republic of Dreams: Greenwich Village, the American Bohemia, 1910–1960 by Ross Wetzsteon

Zen Lunacy: Therapeutic?
John W. Maerhofer reviews Poets on the Peaks: Gary Snyder, Philip Whalen & Jack Kerouac in the North Cascades by John Suiter


Feature: Ball and Chain

Prison Dreams
Kathleen Adams reviews Inside My Head by Reginald S. Lewis

From the Beast’s Belly
Reamy Jansen reviews How You Lose: A Novel in Stories
by J.C. Amberchele

Book Reviews

Crossed Allusions
Doug Nufer reviews Metropolis 16–29 by Robert Fitterman

The Art of Life
John Olson reviews Selected Poems, 1950–2000 by Nathaniel Tarn

Cozying up to Chaos
James M. Mellard reviews Design and Debris: A Chaotics of Postmodern American Fiction by Joseph M. Conte

Molten Meaning Frank Marquardt reviews Iceland by Jim Krusoe

Daniel Leary reviews The Roar of the Canon: Kott and Marowitz on Shakespeare by Charles Marowitz

The One That Got Away
Steven Wolfe reviews Gould’s Book of Fish: A Novel in 12 Fish by Richard Flanagan

Sorrentino’s Self-Constructed Con
Trey Strecker reviews Little Casino by Gilbert Sorrentino

On Renouncing One’s Dispossession
Robert Johnson reviews The Culture of Make Believe by Derrick Jensen

Unreal City
Steven Sher reviews Death of New York City: Selected Poems by Nina Zivancevic

Surreal Estates of the Mind
Robert Long reviews The Caged Owl: New and Selected Poems by Gregory Orr

Visual Pleasure
Corinne Robins reviews Other Animals: Drawings and Journals by Merce Cunningham

The Sensual and the Pastoral
Laurel Blossom reviews Pursuit by Erica Funkhouser

What Do You Mean, “Digital Studies”?
Pawel Frelik reviews CyberText Yearbook 2001 edited by Markku Eskelinen
and Raine Koskimaa

The Soul of Wit
Nancy Kline reviews Some of Her Friends that Year: New and Selected Stories by Maxine Chernoff

Journey from the Predictable
Frank Allen reviews Between Earth and Sky by Sandy McIntosh

Veins of Soil Merging
Susan Sindall reviews 6 Vietnamese Poets edited by Nguyen Ba Chung and Kevin Bowen

Opening Windows to the World
Rochelle Ratner reviews Windows XP Home Edition: The Missing Manual by David Pogue

Rants and Raves
Letters to the Editor
From the Backlist
C.W. Cannon reviews Casanova in Bohemia by Andrei Codrescru


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