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January/February 2004
[Volume 25, Issue 2]

First Fictions


All of our excerpts are in Adobe Acrobat format. If you don't have Adobe Reader on your computer, you can click this button and download it for free.


Table of Contents

Focus: First Fictions

Introduction: First Fictions

Reliable Narrators
Tom Williams reviews The Hit by Jere hoar
and The End of Free Love
by Susan Steinberg

Daddy Dearest
Carol Anshaw reviews What Night Brings
by Carla Trujillo

Word Made Flesh and Blood
Kass Fleisher reviews VAS
by Steve Tomasula

Lost Children
Richard Deutch reviews The Australia Stories
by Tod James Pierce

The Book of Lists
Amy Havel reviews The Only Good Thing Anyone Has Ever Done
by Sandra Newman

Through the Looking-Glass
Stacey Gottlieb reviews One Pill Makes You Smaller
by Lisa Dierbeck

Less than One
David Massengill reviews Burning Salt
by Anna Mockler

Second-Order Greatness
Trey Strecker reviews The Cuban Prospect
by Brian Shawver

Post-Fem Fairy Tales
Vincent Czyz reviews Black Umbrella Stories
by Nicolette de Csipkay

Extremely Pale Fire
Andrew Ervin reviews The Grasshopper King
by Jordan Ellenberg

This is What it reads Like When... Uh, What?
Brian Budzynski reviews Well
by Mathew McIntosh

Culture Watch

Story Wars
Sven Birkerts reviews The Middle Mind
by Curtis White

Underground Economy
Mel Freilicher reviews Reefer
by Eric Schlosser

Bronx Quixote
Audrey Petty reviews Tilting at Mills
by Lis Harris


On Poets and Poetry

The Power of Relationships
Linda Wagner-Martin reviews Marianne Moore,
Elizabeth Bishop, and May Swenson

by Kirstin Hotelling Zona

Making His Own Days
Terence Diggory reviews Digressions on Some Poems by Frank O'Hara
by Jow LeSeuer

Book Reviews

Five Ordinary Lives
Fred Muratori reviews Lives of Water
by John Hoppenthaler,
Taking Down the Angel by Jeff Friedman,
A Place Made of Starlight by Peter Cooley,
Casino of the Sun by Jerry Williams,
and Trouble by Mary Baine Campbell

Un Grito de Tejas: Required Reading
René Saldaña Jr. reviews Gritos
by Dagoberto Gilb

California Girl
Tara Raines reviews Indigenous
by Cris Mazza

Brand-New Battles: Logue’s Homer
Lawrence Hetrick reviews All Day Permanent Red
by Christopher Logue

Writing Games
Michael Sanchez reviews The Case of the Persevering Maltese
by Harry Mathews

Seeking the Soul’s Society
Catharine R. Stimpson reviews Affiliations edited
by Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Seeing the World Anew
Melissa Studdard reviews Combinations of the Universe
by Albert Goldbarth
and The Voice at 3:00 a.m.
by Charles Simic

Skeptical Aesthetics
Jocelyn Emerson reviews Slow Air
by Robin Robertson

Conversational Constraint
Pablo Peschiera reviews Bus Ride to a Blue Movie
by Anne-Marie Levine

Trailing Clouds of Glory
Gabriella Ekman reviews Child-and-Rose
by Gennady Aygi

Loafers in Short Pants
Ron Kaplan reviews Baseball and American Culture edited by Edward J. Rielly, The
Last Good Season
by Michael Shapiro, and Triumph and Tragedy in Mudville
by Stephen Jay Gould

Agnostic Dionysian
Anthony Deaton reviews A History of Color
by Stanley Moss

The Imprint of Facts
Laurel Blossom reviews Otherhood
by Reginald Shepherd

Leading out of the Tunnel
Cori L. Gabbard reviews The Day Before
by Dick Allen

A Revisioning of an American Document
Bob Grumman reviews The Preamble
by Jen Benka

Big or Beautiful
Miriam Levine reviews Feminine Gospels
by Carol Ann Duffy

Voodoo Love
María Luisa García Bermejo reviews Bay of Souls
by Robert Stone


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