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January/February 1981
[Vol. 3, No. 2]


Michael Davidson reviews By Love Possessed: Three Books by helen Adam

Mark Rudman reviews Pig Earth by John Berger



Carl Solomon reviews Aberration of Starlight by Gilbert Sorrentino


Peter Schjeldahl reviews Dialogues on Art by Edouard Roditi


Robert Bly reviews The Great American Poetry Bake-Off by Robert Peters


Susan Mernit reviews The Girl; Harvest; Song For My Time; Women on the Breadlines; Rites of an Ancient Ripening by Meridel LeSeur


Del Marie Rogers reviews The Old Lade Under the Freeway: The Poems of Diana O Hehir, Summoned, and The Power to Change Geography by Diana O Hehir

Don Skiles reviews the works of John Casey; Tony Cohan and Gorden Beam eds; Norbert Blei; Don Hendrie Jr.; David Plumb


Roberta Kalechofsky reviews The Princess of 72nd Street by Elaine Kraf


Harold Jaffe reviews Freddy's Book by John Gardner



Rochelle Ratner reviews The Bible of the Beasts of the Little Field and The Queen of Egypt by Susan Fromberg Schaeffer


Lemuel Coley reviews Rounds by Frederick Busch


Frances Whyatt reviews Who Touches This: Selected Poems 1951-1979 by Robert Hazel


Letters to the Editors


Miriam Sagan reviews the work of Dianiella Gioseffi, Karen Brodine, and Susu Jeffrey


Billy Collins reviews Walking Four Ways in the Wind by John Allman


Harriet Transue reviews the work of Robert Emmitt, Alexander Blackburn, David Ray, and Peter Najarian


Norman Weinstein reviews Staves Calends Legends by Thomas Meyer

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