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September/October 1981

[Vol. 3, No. 6]


Focus Hispanic North and South


Earl E. Fitz reviews The Devil's Church and Other Stories by Machado de Assis


Robert Lima reviews Between Fire and Love edited by Lynn A. Darroch


David Press reviews A Change of Light by Julio Cortazar


Carlos Zamora reviews Hispanics In The United States edited by Gary D. Keller and Francisco Jimenez


Focus: Jewish Literature and Thought


Rochelle Ratner reviews The Messiah Texts and Gates To The Old City by Raphael  Patai


Mark Mirsky reviews Where The Jackals Howl by Amos Oz;

A Season of Delight, by Joanne Greenberg; and The Short Life by Aharan Megged


Steve Light reviews A Share of Ink by Edmond Jabes


Jed Rasula and Carl Solomon review Poems by Paul Celan


Thomas Meyer reviews Vienna Blood by Jerome Rothenberg by


Barbara Einzig reviews Hero Azriel by Thomas Friedemann


Rochelle Owens reviews Voices Within The Ark edited by Howard Schwartz and Anthony Rudolf


Book Reviews


Allen Hibbard reviews Under The Influenece of Mae by Gerald Shyne


 Received and Recommended


Robert Peters reviews Part of Nature, Part of Us by Helen Vendler


Roger Mitchell reviews Peace March by Millen Brand


Gabriel Miller reviews One For My Baby by Alvah Bessie


Steve Kowit reviews Seven books by Ron Koertge


Edward Butscher reviews Soie Sauvage by Olga Broumas; Half of the Map by William Doreski: Tree Climbing by Susan Mernit; Man In The Attic by Conrad Hilberry; In Chontales by Richrd Elman; and Of Those Who Died by Samuel Charters


Andrei Codrescu reviews Herruline Barbin edited by Michel Foucalt


William J. Higginson reviews Homage To The Lame Wolf by Vasko Popa


Joyce Carol Oates reviews Hans Christian Andersen by Bo Gronbech


Rudy Kikel reviews Aphrodisiac: Fiction From Christopher St.


Robert McDowdell reviews The Shore by David St. John and Groundwork by Robert Morgan


Elaine Romaine reviews The Zimmer Poems and With Wanda by Paul Zimmer


Suzi Wong reviews Natural Objects And The True Crow by Alison Knowles


Letters to the Editors


Sanford Pinsker reviews Good News by Edward Abbey

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