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November/December 1981

[Vol. 4, No. 1]


Focus: Poetics


Ronald Sukenick reviews Is That A Real Poem and Other Essays by Robert Creeley,


Sandra Gilbert reviews A Field Guide to Contemporary Poetry and Poetics, edited by Stuart Friebert and David Young; Goatfoot, Milktongue, Twinbird by Donald Hall; and To Keep Moving by Donald H;


Harry Mathews Reviews La Disparition by Georges Perec


Robert Steiner reviews On Moral Fiction by John Gardner and The World Within The World by William Gass


Robin Magowan reviews The Book of Glimmers by Lawrence Fixel


Rochelle Ratner reviews Pre-Faces & Other Writings by Jerome Rothenberg


Ron Silliman reviews Open Between Us by David Ignatow


David Bromige reviews Talking Poetics From Naropa Institute, Vols. I & II edited by Anne Waldman and Marilyn Webb


Donna Brook reviews Toward A New Poetry and Cap Of Darkness by Diane Wakoski


Bruce Kawin reviews The Right Promethean Fire by Ihab Hassan


John Tytell reviews Letters To A Friend by Paul Reps


Received & Recommended


Letters to the Editors


Robley Wilson, Jr. reviews 14 Stories by Stephen Dixon


David Winn reviews Shame The Devil by Phillip Appleman


David P. Press reviews The White Hotel by D.M. Thomas

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