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January/Febuary 1982

[Vol. 4, No. 2]


Focus: American Fiction ?The Preserve of Idiots"?


Richard Martin reviews Surfiction, Fiction Now And Tomorrow edited by Raymond Federman


Janusz Semrau reviews The Self-Begetting Novel by S.G. Kellman


Fred Moramarco reviews The American 1960s, Literary Disruptions, and The Practice of Fiction in America by Jerome Klinkowitz


Welch D. Everman reviews Sub‑Stance 27 edited by Raymond Federman and Carl R. Lovitt and Coherence edited by Don Wellman


Supplement: Engaged Writers


Forum on Engaged Writing: responses from Wendell Berry, Jerry Bumpus, Allen Ginsberg Harold Jaffe, Denise Levertov, Thomas McGrath, Roger Mitchell, Simon Ortiz, Marge Piercy, and James Scully


Roger Mitchell reviews News Of The Universe edited by Robert Bly


Harold Jaffe reviews Zero Hour and Other Documentary Poems by Ernesto Cardenal


Ron Arias reviews Immigrants In Our Own Land by Jimmy Santiago Baca


Ed Ochester reviews May Day by James Scully and Quechua Peoples Poetry translated by Maria A. Proser & James Scully


Andy Clausen reviews Factory by Antler


Book Reviews



Larry McCaffery reviews Hulmeÿs Investigations Into The Bogart Script by Zulfikar Ghose


Mark Leyner reviews Impossible Appetites by James Fetler


Jerry Bumpus reviews What We Talk About When We Talk About Love by Raymond Carver


Charlotte M. Meyer reviews A Two-Fisted Banana by Mary Beach and Alleys: A Novel by R.D. Taylor


Dick Allen reviews Selected Poems by Jon Silkin


Jamake Highwater reviews Winter Of The Salamander  by Ray Young Bear, Pacific Plainsong by Peter Michelson, and Lost Copper by Wendy Rose


Recent Books From The Figures reviewed by Steve Abbott


B.H. Friedman reviews Six Books by John Yau


Lucien Stryk reviews Knowledge by Michael Heller and Horse Sacrifice by Charles Stein


Jane Somerville reviews Succession by Mary Swander, An Audience Of One by Gerald Barrax, and Atlantic Flyway by Brendan Galvin


Joyce Peseroff reviewed Satan Says by Sharon Olds, Brass Knuckles by Stuart Dybek, and Dear Blood by Leonard Nathan


Norbert Blei reviews So This Is The Map by Reg Saner and Curve In The Road by Sidney Goldfarb


Jon Zonderman reviews Charlie In The House of Rue by Robert Coover


John Tytell reviews The Stauffenberg Cycle & Other Poems by Ira Cohen

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