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November/December 1982

[Vol 5, no. 1]

Focus: Suppressed Writing USA


Philip Green reviews Unamerican Activities: The Campaign Against The Underground Press in the United States, 1960-1979 by Geoffrey Rips


Sol Yurick reviews Former Secrets: Government Records Made Public Through the Freedom of Information Act by Evan Hendricks


Prescott S. Nichols reviews About Time II: A Second Anthology of California Prison Writing edited by Victor Perera


Kirkpatrick Sale reviews Du Pont: Behind the Nylon Curtain by Gerard Colby Zilg


Kingsley Widmer reviews Contemporary Literary Censorship: The Case History of Burroughÿs Naked Lunch by Michael Barry Goldman

Reviewed by Kingsley Widmer


Freedom Abroad, Oppression at Home?

By Robert Steiner


A Quick Hit at Racial Censorship by John A. Williams


Writers and Terrorists by Donald Freed


Censorship of Prison Writers by Jerome Washington


Letters to the Editor


Fred Moramarco reviews Living by Fiction by Annie Dillard


Editorÿs Choice:

Elliot L. Gilbert reviews Literature & Graphics From the U.S. Small Presses, 1965-1977 edited by Morty Sklar and Jim Mulac


Harry Lewis reviews The Night Sky: The Science and Anthropology of The Stars and Planets by Richard Grossinger


Focus: French Writing Now


The Avant-Garde is Sick?Why? by Oliver Kaeppelin


Did You Say ?Avant-Garde"? by Patrick LavallÙ


Marc ChÙnetier reviews La Condition Poste-Moderne by Jean-FranÍois Lyotard


Paul Mariani reviewsThe Literary Essays of Thomas Merton edited by Brother Patrick Hart


Beat News:

John Tytell reviews Scratching the Beat Surface by Michael McClure, Jack Kerouac: An Annotated Bibliography of Secondary Sources, 1944-1979 by Robert J. Milewski, and The Beats: Essays in Criticism edited by Lee Bartlett


Nanos Valaoritis reviews Becoming Visible by Philip Lamantia


Gordon Ball reviews Herald of the Autochthonic Spirit by Gregory Corso


Ron Silliman reviews Life Supports: New and Collected Poems by William Bronk


Andrei Codrescu reviews Houdini Houdini by Lynn Luria-Sukenick


Received & Recommended


Horace Gregory reviews Hedylus by H.D.


Linda W. Wagner reviews Hermione by H.D.


Ben Stolzfus reviews Natural Settings by Keith Cohen


Jamie James reviews Seaview by Toby Olson


Richard Martin reviews The Comfort of Strangers by Ian McEwan


Rochelle Ratner reviews The Country Between Us by Carolyn Forche


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