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September/October 1984

[Vol. 6, No 5 and 6]


Letters to the Editors


Charles Molesworth reviews Axe Handles by Gary Snyder


Viewpoints: Experimental N.Y.


Fanny Howe reviews Midwinter Day by Bernadette Mayer,


Norman Weinstein reviews Blood on The Dining Room Floor by Gertrude Stein and In Case by James Sherry


Gary Lenhart reviews Four Lectures by Stephen Rodefer, Active 24 Hours by Alan Davies, Africa And The Marriage of Walt Whitman and Marilyn Monroe by Lewis MacAdams, and Defenestration of Prague by Susan Howe


Oliver Conant reviews Hundreds of Firefies by Brad Leigthauser,


Paul Pines reviews Throne/Falcon/Eye by Hugh Seidman,


Janusz Semrau reviews The Mind of the Novel by Bruce Kawin,


Received and Recommended


Michael Krekorian reviews Mourning Crazy Horse and Dos Indios by Harold Jaffe,


Focus: Feminist Issues--Writing and Criticism Today


"Writing In An Era of Feminism"


Hortense J. Spillers reviews Black Women Writers at Work edited by Claudia Tate


Ellen Cronan Rose reviews Women Writers Talking, edited by Janet Todd


Myra Goldberg reviews Lana by Lana Turner, Out on a Limb by Shirley MacLaine, and Loving John by May Pang


Meredith Tax reviews Decades of Discontent: The Women's Movement, 1920-1940 edited by Lois Scharf and Joan M. Jensen


Ellen Tremper reviews Substance Under Pressure by Betsy Draine


Claire Sprague reviews Documents Relating to the Sentimental Agents in the Bolyen Empire by Doris Lessing


Janice Radway reviews Loving With A Vengeance by Tania Modleski


"The Joy of Lesbian Trash" by Judith Schwartz


B. Ruby Rich reviews Women and Film by E. Ann Kaplan and Women's Pictures by Annette Kuhn


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