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May/June 1986

[Vol. 8, No. 4]


Picketing the Zeitgeist

Diane Wakoski



The Truest Polyartist: Richard Kostelanetz reviews Moholy-Nagy by Krisztina Passuth



Dane Rudhyar: A Memorial by Paul Schiavo


The Black Audience of Mama I Want to Sing reviewed James de Jongh


Feature: Oddball Dicks:

Secret Powers: Sinda Gregory reviews The Sophie Horowitz Story by Sarah Schulman


Chaos and Circumstance: Harold Jaffe reviews The Crazy Kill, The Real Cool Killers, Cotton Comes to Harlem and A Rage in Harlem by Chester Himes


The Din of Inequity an essay by Lynn Gingrass


Four Odd Fictions


Third Degree: John O'Brien reviews Odd Number by Gilbert Sorrentino


Introducing Hawkes: Arthur Waldhorn reviews Innocence in Extremis by John Hawkes


Three Ring Circus: Richard Martin reviews Nights at the Circus by Angel1a Carter


Comic Consolations: Lynn Luria‑Sukenick reviews The Timing Chain by Douglas Woolf


Book Reviews

Not a Bartender or Safecracker Among Them: Steve Kowit reviews The Morrow Anthology of Younger American Poets edited by Dave Smith and David Bottoms, New American Poets of the 80ÿs edited by Jack Myers and Roger Weingarten, and The Generation of 2000: Contemporary American Poets edited by William Heyen


Return Journey: Leon Surette reviews The Tradition of Return: The Implicit History of Modern Literature by Jeffrey M. Perl, and Mapping Literary Modernism: Time and Development by Ricardo J. Quinones


City Nature: Bill Zavatsky reviews Collected Poems by William Corbett


The Subjects of Discontent: Martha Collins reviews The Idiot Princess of the Last Dynasty by Peter Klappert


No Gaps, No Fragments: Hayden Carruth reviews Luisa Domic by George Dennison


Breakdown and Germination: Mariah Britton review Living Room by June Jordan, and Homegirls and Handgrenades by Sonia Sanchez


Feature: Technogeddon

Cancelling the Human Project: Richard Schrader reviews The Fallacy of Star Wars by the Union of Concerned Scientists, and Nuclear Proliferation Today by Leonard Spector


Imagine Thereÿs a Future: Leslie Carper reviews The Nuclear Age by Tim O'Brien and Waiting for the End of the World by Madison Smartt Bell


Not Unlike a Unicorn: Clark Blaise reviews Saroyan, A Biography by Lawrence Lee and Barry Gifford and Arrarat: Special Issue on William Saroyan


Nympholepsy: Robert Peters reviews Nympholepsy by Rodger Kamenetz­


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