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The Spoon River Poetry Review’s Editors’ Prize

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The 2003 Contest Winners
Final Judge: Kwame Dawes

Winner, $1000.00: Melissa Stein of San Francisco,
“(How to Fall from) Grace”

Runner-up, $100.00: David Keplinger of Colorado,
“More Entries from TheNotebook of Anton Chekhov”

Runner-up, $100.00: Moira Magneson of California,

David Keplinger, “Lorca's Passport”
Bernard Gershenson, “Salgado's Photos”
Aaron Kellerstrass, “Skeleton Song”
Tamara Kay Sellman, “Making Paneer”
Ada Limon. “The Echo Sounder”
Josie Sigler, “Gardenia”

Winning poems and selected finalists will be published
in the 2003 Summer/fall issue.