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Announcing the 2011 Editors’ Prize Winners!

Final Judge: Cecil S. Giscombe

First Place ($1,000): Jennie Ray
“Chapter VII: When You Stand in Front of the Coffeed Moths”

First Runner Up ($100): Craig Blais
“After We Disembarked and Spend the Day on the Island While the Ship’s Repaired, I Board Alone, Flip Through a Chinese Restaurant Calendar, and Write Three Poems to Express My Feelings”

Second Runner Up ($100): Ben Purkert
“I Love Like a Fork”

Honorable Mention: Miles Waggener
“The Bulb”

Honorable Mention: Molly Tustison
“Corporeal: Figure in the Lake”

Honorable Mention: Neal Shipley

Honorable Mention: Suzume

Honorable Mention: Laura Sherwood Rudish
“One Earth Revolution: A Sequence”

All winning poems will be published in the Summer/Fall issue of SRPR, 36.2.

Entries to the 2012 contest will be accepted between 9/15/2011 and 4/15/2011. See “Contest Guidelines” for more details.