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Winter/Spring 2005

[Volume XXX, Number 1]


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The SRPR Illinois Poet: Rachel Contreni Flynn


Janis Greve, Massachusetts

Woman in a Rose Hat

Jason Lee Brown, Illinois

Daily Routines

Mary Ann Hudson, Washington

The dog considers

Cyril Wong, Singapore

Caving In, White, Salted Flesh


David Lazar, Ohio

And Testament

Last Night I Dreamed

Karin Gottshall, Vermont

A Fable


Lesley Wheeler, Virginia

The Problem with Personal Expression

The Legend of the DevilÕs Darning Needle

Concerning the Liver Bird

Judy Kronenfeld, California

Bronx-Gemeinschaft-Street-Hush Memory

Jeffery Bahr, Colorado

Poem That Begins with an Excerpt from Bertrand RussellÕs Biography and Proceeds to Paradox


Do the Math

Janis Greve, Massachusetts

Woman in a Rose Hat

Jennifer Tseng, California


For Maria who asked me to write her a poem in which she is young

Red Handkerchief

Jason Lee Brown, Illinois

Daily Routines

M. A. Schaffner, Virginia

At the Museum of Natural History

News of Lost Tribes

The SRPR Illinois Poet: Rachel Contreni Flynn

A Discussion with Rachel Contreni Flynn


Dead Center



Heat Rising

Three Trees

Full-Time Permanent

Still Slipping



Loren Graham, Montana


The Trance

Imaginary Conversations

Kelly D. Whiddon, Georgia

Refrigerator Note

Mary Ann Hudson, Washington

The dog considers


Larry Starzec, Illinois

Bleeding Ulcer

Erika Mikkalo, Illinois

Squid Introduced

Susan Terris, California

Fish of Her Dreams

Rhino in the Bedroom

The Ghoul on the Bench: Workshop at M.I.T.

Georgia Scott, Poland

The Mothers-In-Law from Minsk

There Are Worse Things Than This

Faith Shearin, Maryland

Sixth Sense


Ginny Grimsley, Florida

First Frog

Margaret Benbow, Wisconsin

The Opera Pen

PeterÕs Thoughts at Firelight

Maria Terrone, New York

Reverie on a Train

Breaking the Code

Martin Walls, New York


The Economic Consequences of the Peace

Martha Modena Vertreace-Doody, Illinois

Nothing to Relate but a Dream (1824)

Charlotte Pence, Tennessee

Love in the Form of a DeWALT Screw Gun


Jeff Mann, Virginia

The Men of Taco Bell

Civilization Comes to Summers County


S‡ndor K‡ny‡di, Romania

Trans. Paul Sohar, New Jersey

They Take Off

I Confess

Nina Corwin, Illinois

The Question

Pamela Gemin, Wisconsin


Room-Darkening Shades

Bill Rector, Colorado

Before the Colonoscopy


Cyril Wong, Singapore


Caving In, White, Salted Flesh

Kathleen Spivack, Massachusetts

Open Studio: Landscape Paintings

Joel Long, Utah

The Assumption of the Virgin

Wooden Things

Charlotte Matthews, Virginia

In the Other Room My Daughter Plays with Her Dollhouse

George Kalamaras, Illinois

In Distant Lands

Wang Wei Board Game

Jim Daniels, Pennsylvania

Gas for the Grill, Memorial Day

Jessica Jopp, Pennsylvania

GriefÕs Plow

Emily Dickinson Looks Through the Hubble Telescope

Shushan Avagyan, Armenia and Illinois

No Exit

Susan Snively, Massachusetts

Louisville Trees

Marcel Gauthier, South Carolina

Fibromyalgia Takes a Brandy

Inventor of the Puzzle

E. Louise Beach, Maryland

Like Nothing in the World


Crystal Williams, Oregon


Ann Keniston, Nevada

Her Illness in Me


Autobiographical Poem